System Settings: Invoices

System Settings: Invoices

Invoice settings include how time is assigned to invoice lines, disbursement or invoice margin options, what happens when autogenerating invoice lines. You can also choose settings for generating invoices, additional reference fields and determine how invoices are emailed from Abtrac. Invoice settings work in conjunction with your choices and settings in the Invoice and Other Office Settings, and Invoice Line Control settings menus.

You can access Invoice settings from Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> Invoices

If you’re new to Abtrac we recommend reading this article in conjunction with our Set up Guide

Getting ready to invoice with Abtrac? Follow step by step instructions to get set up here.

Settings for emailing invoices

Options for email account to send emails

Use AbtracOnline email account to send emails

The From email address for Abtrac should always be set to :
[email protected], if you choose to change this we are unable to assist with any mail delivery issues.

Abtrac’s legacy email options are not reliable and are no longer supported

If you’ve used “Logged In User’s Email” or “Office Email Address of Invoice” in the past we are not longer able to guarantee a successful email delivery, nor assist with any issues.

Mail Servers and email ISPs now have more rigid practices to try and shield their users from spam, and we have adapted Abtrac to ensure your mail isn’t incorrectly bounced or blocked.

BCC email options

You can receive a copy of all emails sent from Abtrac. In Abtrac you can set an office wide BCC address from System Settings > Invoices.

Enter an email addresses in the text box, and ensure you also put a check in the “Include System BCC Email address” box. Only one BCC email will be sent.

You can also set a user specific BCC email address via My settings, this will take precedence over any selection in System settings > Invoices.

CC email options

Job Managers can also receive a copy of all emails and invoices sent by ticking this option.

Customising your email display name (‘From’ name)

Although the From email address used for sending cannot be changed, you can edit the display name. Put a check in the “Use the specified display name” box, and then enter the email from name you want contacts to see as the sender.

If no option is specified here then the email display name is the name of the current user: “Logged In User Employee Name + Abtrac Licensed Company Name”.

Combining invoices into one email for a single recipient

Choose this option when you have multiple jobs, or multiple invoices for a single recipient. This feature works on the invoice recipient email address and will send one email with multiple pdf invoices attached.

When choosing this option you’ll need to use a generic template email message, rather than one that references specific jobs and invoices.

A word on email deliverability

Like many application providers we work with a third party to provide you the best in email deliverability. Abtrac emails are back by the experience of the team at Twillo SEND GRID, you can learn more about SendGrid here.

As the global email environment changes we’ll continue to update Abtrac email settings to ensure best practice.

Assigning time to invoice lines

The total invoice amount when assigning new time can be changed manually, prompted to change, or set up to auto change when assigning time to invoice lines.

WIP Assigned Max Value

There are also options for when to record the assigned time date when assigning WIP (work in progress). Read more here.

Fee Contribution Calculation

The Fee contribution in Abtrac is the recovered value of each timesheet entry, based on a pro-rata of everyone’s time compared to the invoiced line amount.

It is also called Invoice Fee Contribution, WIP Value Fee Contribution, and Earnings.

From System settings you can choose whether to calculate the fee contribution on a line by line basis, or for the total invoice amount. Read more about fee earnings here.

Generating invoices rules

Select how you would like to view jobs to generate invoice, and whether the Invoice Status is required.

Invoice line options

‘Select all unbilled items on autogenerate’ When autogenerating invoice invoices, enabling this option creates the invoices for all available time in the system.

You can also choose if you want a fee summary on invoice.

When saving invoice lines, prompt can be set up for task fee updates if any. Additional fee percentage can also be added by selecting the disbursement type.

Additional text for invoice addresses

Here, you have the option of giving custom names to the three additional static text lines in an invoice.

Tick the box underneath if you want to copy the static text on to the invoice additional text. The static texts can be set up in Administration >> Settings >> Invoice and Other Office Settings >> in the ‘Invoice, Account Rendered, Purchase Order, and Receipt Templates’ section. Once this box is ticked, the static texts will be copied on to the invoice additional texts.

The static texts can also be set up to match with the invoice data from Administration >> Maintenance >> Job User Defined. The static texts set up here will have precedence over those set up in Invoice and Other Office settings.

Abtrac KB# 1003

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