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Invoice And Other Office Settings

Invoice and Other Office Settings

Invoice and Other Office settings include invoice settings for invoice numbering, terms, narrations, tax and accounting. Templates for invoices, invoice attachments and supplements, accounts rendered, purchase orders, and receipts are here too. This is also where you determine the numbering sequence for invoices, clients, projects, proposals, and purchase orders.

In Abtrac you can manage multiple offices, with each office/branch optionally invoicing separately. As such you can also have more than one invoice setting configuration in Abtrac.

Invoice and Other Office settings work in conjunction with your choices and settings in the System Settings: Invoice settings, and Invoice Line Control settings menus.

You can access Invoice settings from Administration >> Settings >> Invoice and Other Office Settings

If you’re new to Abtrac we recommend reading this article in conjunction with our Abtrac Set up Guide

Getting ready to invoice with Abtrac? Follow step by step instructions to get set up here.

Invoice Settings

Sales Tax Settings

Choose your tax names and numbers from this section. Name of Client Tax Number is also used for eInvoicing.

‘Default GL Code For Invoice’ and ‘Tax Rate’ will only be visible if you have not configured an accounting package connection. Click on the edit button below to populate GL codes, so that you can select a GL code from the dropdown list for the invoice. Without a link to your accounts this feature is used for reporting and manual reconciliations.

If you are connecting your accounting system to Abtrac, then accounts codes and tax rates are managed through the Accounting menu.

These are fields that are used on your invoice template.

Invoice Terms

Click on the edit button to set up invoice payment terms. You can have multiple different terms available for invoices, with one set as the default.

Invoice contact text

A separate message/comment for all invoices can also be set up in ‘Invoice Contact Text’, this is often a link to legal terms on your website, or your local govt construction payments acts, or a simple thank you message etc…

Invoice names

Here you can also set up the desired header labels for Tax Invoice and Credit Note.

Invoice Description (Heading)

Invoice Heading can be set up to be based on a selection of four default options from the drop down menu below and is automatically added to every invoice generated.

  • Job Description
  • Job Comment
  • Job code and Description
  • Job Team : Job Description – Job Address (without post code)

A suitable prefix can also be set up for Invoice Heading, e.g “Our fee for services at” etc.

Or if you chose Invoice Heading Based On: ‘Invoice Heading’ from the above selection, then fill in the ‘Invoice Heading Text’ in the box given below.

This custom heading can be set from Administration >> Settings >> Invoice and Other Office Settings as a default option, or on a case by case basis from Edit Invoice details.

Invoice Line Settings

Job Code Prefix

You can optionally choose to use Job Code as a prefix for the Invoice Narration on Text and Text Value lines.

Default Invoice Narrations

A series of ‘Default Invoice Narrations’ can be entered. These can then be picked from a list as required and put onto a specific invoice line.

Clicking on ‘Edit or Add Narratives’ button allows you to enter as many default narratives as required.

Percentage and Unit Descriptions

A default ‘Invoice Unit Description’ can be set up. E.g. hours, kilometres, etc.

Invoice Percentage Description is the descriptive word used to show on the invoice line, e.g 100% of 10,000, or 100% x 10,000 etc…

Invoice due date rules

Due date can be set up to be calculated by selecting from the dropdown menu.

Indication of tax on invoice lines

Use the tick box if you want to append an asterisk to the end of Invoice Line Narration to show which lines have GST or ABN applied, according to your Sales Tax settings.

Email Settings

Select the default ‘Invoice Email Text Setting’ here.

Click on the edit button to go to the manage Email Settings page, where you can add and edit email settings.

Invoice number settings

This is where you select the default setting for invoice numbers.

Each branch or invoice office in Abtrac can optionally have a unique series of numbers.

Invoice number sequence

Choose ‘Sequence Number’ to start generating sequential invoice numbers for each invoice as you generate them.

‘Next Unique Invoice Number’ determines the starting/next number and length for your invoice settings. You can click on the double arrow button to find the maximum invoice number.

Invoice number job codes + claim number

Choose ‘Job Code & Progress Claim No’, to generate combination invoice numbers based on your project details, you can also choose a separator of your preference.

Prog. Claim No Padding’ can be entered to add on zeroes before the number. E.g. 2 for two zeroes.

Invoice numbers with a prefix or suffix (combinations)

If you require your invoice numbers in include a prefix or suffix (perhaps in reference to a team, a director or the current year) you can enable these options from invoice settings to work in combination with the ‘sequence number’ or the ‘next alternative invoice number’.

Next alternative invoice number (combinations)

Next Alternative Invoice Number can only be used in combination with an ‘Invoice Number Prefix’ and an ‘Invoice Number Suffix’.

Invoice Lines

Next, choose your default preference on how new invoice lines are added to an invoice, above or below first/last lines, or above/below the current selected line.

Our eInvoice Settings

In Abtrac your company details for eInvoicing are managed from Administration >> Settings >> Invoice and Other Office Settings > Our eInvoicing Settings.

Follow this guide to set up your Legal Company information for eInvoicing

Invoice Templates

Invoice, Account Rendered, Purchase Order, and Receipt Templates

Here, you can enter the default templates for Invoice, Account Rendered, Receipt and Purchase Orders.

When you go live with AbtracOnLine, we recommend you do invest in getting the support team to create your invoice layout for you, there’s more detail on the invoice customisation process here.

We will add your logo and modify the header, subtotal and footer of the Abtrac invoice to suit, and can set up your other invoice related documents also.

Once your template documents are created you can request future changes from the support team, or make updates yourself by clicking on the add button (+ button on the right) to create/edit the respective templates from the Abtrac report designer.

Accounts Rendered Settings

Accounts rendered in Abtrac are available with a subscription to the Debtors module.

Set up defaults for the account rendered in this section.

Account rendered terms

Enter the terms to be printed in ‘Account Rendered Terms’.

Account rendered(Statement) name

The name used when sending Accounts rendered can be entered here. E.g Statement, Client Statement, Statement of Account, Account Rendered. The name selected here is used for PDF downloads and in Email attachments.

Account rendered email settings

Select the default ‘Account Rendered Email Text Setting’ here.

Click on the edit button to go to the manage Email Settings page, where you can add and edit email settings.

Static Text

Up to three static text lines can be entered in the account rendered text as default.

Invoice attachments, supplement documents and pdf names

Invoice attachments (terms)

You can optionally include attachments for every invoice sent from Abtrac. More details are here.

Choose ‘Additional Invoice Attachment’ to add a standard document to all, such as company terms and conditions, important alerts, etc.

Once you have browsed and selected the required .pdf file, click on the upload button on the right to upload it.

Tick the box to make sure that the invoice attachment is appended to emailed and pdf invoices by default.

Invoice supplement reports

There are two optional reports available to send along with invoices: Job Budget Summary to date or Timesheet Entries by Task.

Supplement reports can be selected from Administration >> Settings >> Invoice and Other Office Settings as a default option, or on a case by case basic from Edit Invoice details.

Tick the box if the supplement report PDF needs to be downloaded as a separate document by default.

PDF Names

You can also select the default PDF names for invoice supplement reports and invoices for the user or client from the dropdown options.

There are six default combinations for pdf names:

  • Invoice + Invoice Number
  • Abtrac licensed company name + Invoice + Invoice Number
  • Client Name + Invoice + Invoice Number
  • Name on Invoice + Invoice + Invoice Number
  • Job Code + Invoice + Invoice Number
  • Invoice Number – Job Code – Job Description

Client, Job, Proposal, Purchase Order Numbering

Set up the default ‘Next Number’. Click on the double sided arrow button on the right so that the system can find out the maximum number used so far and enter the next number in that field.

You can set up the next numbers for Job, Proposal and Purchase Order similarly. The next invoice number can be set from the Invoice settings section above.

Rules for number formats for jobs and proposals are found in Clients and Job Settings. Number formats for invoices are configured in Invoice Settings > Invoice Number settings above.

Abtrac KB # 1006

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