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Subtotals on invoices and invoice line groups

In Abtrac, you can easily manage the positioning and grouping of various invoice lines.

Go to Administration >> Settings >> Invoice Line Control Settings to edit your Invoice Line Control Settings. Here you can edit the invoice line types, enable grand total for progress claim invoice, enter a grant total footer narration, edit different control labels, etc.

Go to Invoices >> Load Invoices >> click on the relevant ‘Invoice No’ to go to the ‘Invoice Management’ page. Click on the ‘Report Options’ button and then click on ‘Print Preview’ in the menu that appears, to preview the invoice. The invoice might start like the below.

Now, go to ‘Invoice Management’ page as before >> then click on ‘Invoice Lines, Narratives and Amounts’ section >> now click on the ‘Manage Subtotal Groups’ button under ‘Invoice Line Details’.

Let us group the invoice lines into three groups. One, for the first two lines above, one for the grouping of the disbursements to add the subtotal, and then one for the discount line.

Expand the group by clicking on the button indicated. Now select the disbursement lines and click on the + button to group them.

The disbursement lines will have been moved into a new group which is showing as ‘Subtotal Sort Order’ 1.

Choose Text/Value, and also set other fields as indicated.

Having a quick look at the preview shows the subtotal and indenting for the disbursement group. We still need to move the discount line into its own group below the disbursements.

Go back to ‘Manage Subtotals’. Click on the discount line, then click on the + button again to make a third group.

Now there is a third group added, with ‘Subtotal Sort Order’ 2.

The preview now looks as it needs to look.

Abtrac KB# 2123

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