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It’s the little things that matter. And we understand how annoying it is to keep changing little things each time you log in, or for each different screen. If you’re new to Abtrac, we also understand that you’re keen to get settled in as soon as possible and want to have everything just how you like it. That’s normal and the support team is happy to suggest ideas and settings in AbtracOnLine to help you get things ‘just so’…

Next time you log in to AbtracOnLine, click on the profile symbol in the Home screen >> have a look at the ‘Edit My Settings’ option:

These are your User Specific Settings.

You can click on the pencil edit button on the left and save your preferred settings for lots of little things like:

  • How big or small the tables in Abtrac are.
  • Which timesheet layout you like, how it is sorted, and how the codes are displayed.
  • How to view scheduled work
  • Where to send copies of any documents you email from Abtrac

Once defined, these settings are saved specifically for your login across the system.

Email Address

Click on the pencil ‘edit’ button to enter the BCC email address and click save.

When BCCing emails the order of preference is first the address from ‘User Specific Settings’, and then the address from Administration >> System Settings >> Invoices.

Abtrac KB# 2053

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