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  4. Set up guide: Getting ready for invoicing

Set up guide: Getting ready for invoicing

Before you get started with invoicing from Abtrac you’ll need to apply some settings and update your company details.

This article contains a step by step guide for administrators – directing you page by page to verify that the settings in Abtrac are ready for invoicing.

1. Setting up your company address details

Your office information is stored under Administration >> Settings >> Office Details.

If your business has multiple offices, you must choose one as the default office.

Here you can enter:

  • physical address details
  • postal address details
  • office phone
  • office email
  • company website
  • fax/mobile

In Abtrac your invoice settings are applied to an office. If no invoice setting is chosen then the default invoice setting is applied

View details on using and reporting on offices in Abtrac here

2. Setting up your company invoice details

You can access Invoice settings from Administration >> Settings >> Invoice and Other Office Settings

Invoice and Other Office settings include invoice settings for:

  • invoice numbers
  • invoice terms
  • payment and bank details
  • invoice header text
  • tax information
  • accounting

Templates for invoices, invoice attachments and supplements, accounts rendered, purchase orders, and receipts are here too.

You can also have more than one invoice setting configuration in Abtrac. Each office/branch can have separate invoice details.

Follow the steps for setting up all the Invoice and Other Office settings here

3. Linking your invoice settings and office details

Once you’ve set up your office details and invoice settings you can link the two.

From Administration >> Settings >> Office Details >> choose the Invoice setting to apply to the default office.

4. Setting preferences for emailing invoices

In AbtracOnline you can email invoices directly.

To ensure successful email delivery, the From address to use to send emails is [email protected]. You can configure other email settings from System Settings > Invoices > Email Configuration.

Here’s how to check all your emails settings

You can also set templates for invoices and invoice reminders emails from here

5. Creating an invoice template with your logo and company details

You can add your logo and modify the header, subtotal and footer of the Abtrac invoice to suit.

The Abtrac support team will usually create your first invoice template for you

When you go live with AbtracOnLine, we recommend you do invest in getting the support team to create your invoice layout for you. Once it’s done you can always make minor changes yourself with the Abtrac report designer module.

This article outlines what you need to supply for your invoice template modification

At a minimum you will need to fill out the following data in Abtrac:

Office details: company address, phone, website, email
Invoice Settings: ABN #, GST #, invoice terms

6. Invoice training with the Abtrac support team

Typically people engage us to help them learn Abtrac. After your set up training, your subsequent training sessions will specifically address invoicing, including pre billing reports and generating client invoices.

When to book invoice training:

  • We recommend you pre-book your invoice training sessions for after you’ve been using Abtrac for a week or more
  • Make sure you have some client, project and timesheet data ready to be invoiced (this can be real, or dummy data)
  • You will need your office and invoice setting details completed (as above)
  • You can have invoice training before or after your invoice template is completed

Invoice training covers creating invoices in formats you want, editing invoices, invoice status, committing and sending invoices to recipients.

7. Linking Abtrac with your accounting software

Configuring the connection between Abtrac and your accounting system is an optional extra.

This can be completed at any time, but it’s easiest to do so once you have some invoices in Abtrac. You can follow the steps below to connect Abtrac with Xero or MYOB, or contact the support team and make a time to set up the connection together.

Here’s what you need to connect Abtrac to your accounts

Abtrac KB #1014

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