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How to send email invoices from Abtrac

You can email invoices from Abtrac in bulk using a template email message. Or you can send template or customised emails to individuals.

Before you start emailing invoices from Abtrac we recommend you check your email configuration settings and set up some email templates, instructions are included in the links below:

Instructions for Email configuration and email preferences

Setting up Email message templates

Sending and editing individual invoice emails

Invoice Management – Send Email

From Invoices >> Load Invoices >> click on the relevant invoice number to go to the Invoice Management screen.

The invoice recipient email address is pre-filled from the client or project invoice address details according the hierarchy explained here.

To send the invoice via email from Invoice Management >> choose Report Options >> then choose Email.

The Send Email screen allows a final check and the option to edit email text, recipients, and attachment documents.

You can edit the invoice email address(es) before sending.

To add multiple email addresses, separate each with a “;” (semicolon).

The email subject and content will be copied from your default invoice email settings, but these can also be edited before sending. The character limit for the email body text is increased to 5000 characters when emails are sent from this screen.

Load Invoice – Send Email (select one invoice only)

You can also access the Send Email screen from Invoices >> Load Invoices by selecting a single invoice and then clicking on the Email Invoice(s) button.

Sending bulk emails

From Invoices >> Load Invoices screen, you can send multiple invoices by selecting the required records and clicking on the ‘Email Invoice(s)’ button.

When choosing to email invoices in bulk there is no option to edit content or recipients before sending.

You will be prompted to confirm that you are happy to send emails directly using the system defaults for invoice recipients and invoice text.

Checking email delivery status

Although you will receive confirmation from AbtracOnLine immediately after an invoice is emailed as to whether it has sent or not, it takes a while longer to confirm whether the message has been delivered successfully, received and read.

Read about email notifications and delivery status here

Viewing Email send status in the Load invoice screen.

Any user can view the email status of all invoices sent from the Load invoice screen.

These are the same email status notification types found in more detail from Home > Email notifications.

To enable the email status column in the load invoice screen go to Administration > Settings > User Control Settings, and choose “Invoices – Load”

Choosing who can email invoices from Abtrac

Using invoice status to control which invoices can be sent

The invoice status feature in Abtrac helps control which invoices can be emailed. You can associate any created invoice status with a “Can be Sent” option.

Learn how to set up a send invoice status here

Using System Privileges to control who can send invoices

From Administration > Employees > User Group Management you can set permissions for all users logging in to Abtrac – including who can send invoices.

Read about setting User Groups and Permissions here

Abtrac KB# 2080

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