Invoice Status

With AbtracOnline, you can assign a different status to an invoice, so your team knows where you are up to with its creation. Examples of these statuses can be Draft, Returned for Edits, Approved, Committed.

This is helpful when there is a team of people creating an invoice, but one final person signing off on the contents of the invoice.

Creating your invoice statuses

First off, you will need to create your own status from the Administration >> Maintenance >> Invoice Status section of AbtracOnline.

Here you can set the name, what order it will show in the list, if it is current or not, and an invoice can be sent to the client with that type of status.

‘Can be sent’ allows users to send invoice as email.

‘Committed’ will lock the invoice so no changes can be made.

Assigning an invoice status to an invoice

To assign an invoice status to an invoice, you go to Invoices >> Load Invoices screen and then select the invoice(s) that you want to change the status for.

Click on the ‘Manage Status’ button at the top of the screen to assign the status.

Abtrac KB# 2096

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