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Set up guide: Getting ready to send statements

Before you get started with invoicing and sending statements from Abtrac you’ll need to apply some settings and update your company details.

This article contains a step by step guide for administrators – directing you page by page to verify that the settings in Abtrac are ready for sending statements.

About Abtrac Invoice Statements (Account Rendered Reports)

The Account Rendered Report is only available with the Abtrac Debtors Module which is an optional add-on.

An account rendered in Abtrac is similar to a statement, it includes a list of outstanding(unpaid) invoices up to the date selected.

Like an Abtrac invoice you can customise the layout and selected content of your Account Rendered report to suit your company brand and data requirements.

Accounts rendered can then be emailed to your clients from within the Debtor Module.

Learn how to activate Abtrac Debtor Module here.

1. Setting up your account rendered details

You can access Account Rendered settings from Administration >> Settings >> Invoice and Other Office Settings

Invoice and Other Office settings include account rendered (client statement) settings for:

  • account rendered terms
  • account rendered name (used for pdf and emails)
  • account rendered template
  • account rendered email settings

You can also have more than one invoice setting configuration in Abtrac. Each office/branch can have separate account rendered details.

Follow the steps for setting up all the Invoice and Other Office settings here (skip to Invoice Templates for setting up Accounts Rendered)

Account rendered terms

Enter the terms to be printed in ‘Account Rendered Terms’.

Account rendered(Statement) name

The name used when sending Accounts rendered can be entered here. E.g Statement, Client Statement, Statement of Account, Account Rendered. The name selected here is used for PDF downloads and in Email attachments.

2. Creating an account rendered template with your logo and company details

You can add your logo and modify the header, subtotal and footer of the Abtrac account rendered (statement) to suit.

The Abtrac support team will usually create your first account rendered template for you

We recommend you do invest in getting the support team to create your account rendered layout for you. Once it’s done you can always make minor changes yourself with the Abtrac report designer module.

Creating/choosing Account Rendered Template

Administration >> Settings >> Invoice and Other Office Settings > choose Invoice, Account Rendered, Purchase Order, and Receipt Templates

Click on the edit button for the Default Account Rendered Template. This will take you to the Report Designer screen with the Account Rendered Template created from Abtrac.

Click on the ‘+’ button to add a new report template.

You can clone this template from the existing template and give it a new name. It is always best to keep the original template as such and clone other templates that you use from it, so that there is always a back up template.

This article outlines how to use the Abtrac report design to modify your invoice templates (the process is similar for accounts rendered templates)

3. Setting preferences for emailing account rendered reports (emailing statements)

In AbtracOnline you can email invoices and statements directly.

Sender Settings

To ensure successful email delivery, the From address to use to send emails is [email protected]. You can configure other email settings from System Settings > Invoices > Email Configuration.

Here’s how to check all your emails settings

Email templates

From Administration >> Settings >> Email Settings > choose the option for Account Rendered. Then apply your chosen email setting from the Invoice and Other Office Settings screen.

Read how to set up templates for account rendered emails here

4. Syncing or updating invoice payments

If you have the optional accounts link with Abtrac you can synchronise invoice payments from your accounts back into Abtrac automatically. If you don’t have the accounts link you can record payments, and account for write-offs and adjustments directly into the invoices and payments screen.

How to update or record invoice payments

5. Sending Accounts rendered (Sending statements)

Statements (Accounts Rendered) in Abtrac are sent on a case by case basis, not automatically.

You can review and send accounts rendered for outstanding accounts from Debtor Management > Debtor Reports by choosing the Account Rendered option.

Learn how to send accounts rendered/Abtrac statements here

Abtrac KB # 2052

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