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Account Rendered Report (How to send invoice statements)

Getting ready to send statements (accounts rendered reports)

Before you get started with invoicing and sending statements from Abtrac you’ll need to apply some settings and update your company details.

We recommend you read through our step by step guide for administrators here – directing you page by page to verify that the settings in Abtrac are ready for sending statements.

About Abtrac Invoice Statements (Account Rendered Reports)

The Account Rendered Report is only available with the Abtrac Debtors Module which is an optional add-on.

An account rendered in Abtrac is similar to a statement, it includes a list of outstanding(unpaid) invoices up to the date selected.

Like an Abtrac invoice you can customise the layout and selected content of your Account Rendered report to suit your company brand and data requirements.

Accounts rendered can then be emailed to your clients from within the Debtor Module.

Learn how to activate Abtrac Debtor Module here.

How to view Account Rendered reports

Abtrac users can manually review and send accounts rendered statements to customers when the invoices are overdue.

Statements (Accounts Rendered) in Abtrac are sent on a case by case basis, not automatically.

You can review and send accounts rendered for outstanding accounts from Debtor Management > Debtor Reports by choosing the Account Rendered option.

From Debtor Management >> select Debtor Reports to go into the Reports screen for debtors

Select ‘Account Rendered’ on the left and choose the ‘Date To’. Click on the Report Options button and choose either of the options to preview the Account Rendered report.

You can optionally filter this report by Invoice Office, Client and Job.

Abtrac statement example

The report can be customised to include your logo and modify the header, subtotal and footer of the Abtrac account rendered to suit.

It shows all unpaid or partially paid invoices up to the selected date, with the amounts invoiced, total paid till date and the remainder outstanding amounts.

You can also choose to display a 30/60/90 days outstanding summary within each client statement.

Reviewing debtor totals when printing/previewing the account rendered

If all Invoice Offices, Clients and/or Jobs have been selected, the last page of the account rendered report gives a summary of account totals.

This information can be used by office staff for administrative purposes, further details of unpaid invoices can be reviewed from the Invoices and Payments and Debtor Control screens within the Debtor Management menu.

Sending Statements – Account Rendered Email

From the same menu above: Debtor Management > Debtor Reports > Account Rendered > you can choose the Email option.

Selecting the ‘Email’ button on the reports page takes you to the Email Account Rendered screen.

Here you can either send email to all clients at once or select a client/clients to send outstanding invoice statement emails to.

We recommend you read this article before sending emails from Abtrac

Account rendered recipients are linked to the Client Invoice Default contacts and address details.

If you need to edit/add email address, select one client at a time. Extra email address can be added followed by a semicolon.

The email will show the content for the Account Rendered email setting that had already been selected in the Invoice and Other Office Settings menu. You can make any one off changes here also if required.

Click on ‘Send Email’ to send the Account Rendered statement as a pdf attachment to the client.

When sent you will get the above notification once the email has been sent successfully. The send status for Abtrac Statements can also be reviewed from the Email Notifications menu.

The email will be sent as above with the account rendered statement for the client attached as pdf.

Abtrac KB # 2021

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