How to activate Abtrac Debtor Module

In Abtrac, you can choose to activate Debtor Module as required to view and update debtor payments.

Click on ‘Your Subscription details’ link which can be seen at the bottom of any of the Abtrac pages.

This takes you to the page containing your Abtrac Subscription details, Fees and Payment.

According to our records you will see that Debtor Management is ‘Not Enabled’.

Click on the ‘Add/Remove Licences’ link.

The ‘Adjust Abtrac Subscription/Licences’ box appears.

  • In this page, select the Debtor Module as Enabled.
  • Now tick the ‘I have read and agree with Abtrac’s Terms and Conditions’ tick box.
  • Then click on the ‘Submit Licence Adjustment’ link to submit the changes.

This will enable the Abtrac Debtor Module.

Click here – Recording Debtors’ Payments and Debtor Write-offs for more on how to use Abtrac Debtor Module.

Also see article on Managing your Abtrac subscription

Abtrac KB# 2155

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