Cloning Jobs/Projects

If you find that you work on the same types of jobs/projects and some of the information is the replicated from one job to another, then you can use the Clone Job/Project feature in AbtracOnline. This will simply duplicate the job and selected details and save the job to the existing jobs client.

You can setup template jobs/projects for the different types of work you do and then clone these jobs when you have a real job of the same type.

To clone a job load, the template job you want to clone and click the Clone Job Button.

Select the details that you would like to duplicate in the following popup. (Here you can also clone the tasks/stages/phases, or you can also do this from the tasks/stages/phases screen itself)

Clone Job Popup

When you click on Clone Job it will clone the job to the parent client where you started this process. If that’s where you want to leave this job then you are all done. If you want to move this job to another client then keep reading below how to transfer a job from one client to another.

Transferring the Job to another client

To then transfer this job from one client to another click on the Clients, Contacts and Jobs Menu and select Job/Project Transfer.

Then select the client and the new job on the left and select who you want to give this job to on the right. To do this the client has to exist before accepting the new job.

Abtrac KB# 2113

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