Managing Project Numbers

Project Numbers in Abtrac can be as complex or as simple as your company requires.

Project Numbers are managed in two locations from the Administration Settings screens.

Setting the next project number

From Administration >> Settings >> Invoice Settings you can determine the next Project Number.

You’ll need to scroll down past the Invoice Setttings and Templates in order to maximise the ‘Client, Project, Proposal, Purchase Order Numbering’ Tab.

Setting the format for job numbers

Project Numbers can also have a prefix, suffix, and separator.

These options and the name you use for a Project (Job, etc) are managed from Administration >> Settings >> System Settings.

You can specify the name you use for Projects throughout Abtrac from further down the Clients and Projects menu in system settings.

From Project Code Preferences you can choose the combination of Numbers, Prefix, Suffix or Alpha’s and Client Codes that you use to build your project numbers.

There are two major types of project codes.

Incrementing Job Numbers

‘Unique alphanumeric for each Project’ is simply an incrementing number. This may be with a prefix. But the number increases regardless of the client. e.g. abcc-20000, abcc-20001 etc.

Combination Project Numbers

A second type is ‘Client System Code’ – ‘Numeric’. ‘Client number’ is a unique code for the client which can be set up in Administration >> Settings >> Invoice settings. Project codes can then be ‘Client number’ and a hyphen, then an incrementing number for each project for the client.

In the below screen shot we have chosen ‘Unique alphanumeric for each Project’, set a prefix of 20 (for the year 2020) and a suffix with 5 characters separated by a – (hyphen).

2020-08-05_job code prefix

So the new project codes as they are created will be 20-20000, 20-20001, etc. The starting numbers i.e. the 00000, 00001 can be set up to suit your requirements. By default, Abtrac sets the starting number as 20000. This number can be changed in Administration >> Settings >> Invoice settings.

Abtrac KB# 2125

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