Cloning Tasks/Stages/Phases

A Job/Project Task is the bit of the job you are working on – and can budget against. Sometimes they are called Stages or Phases.

What if I use the same tasks all the time?

When you set up Abtrac we recommend you create a non-billable client for your own company, and within that client you can setup some template jobs and assign the tasks which are structured with the details of the most common types of jobs you undertake.

Once you have template job and tasks created, each time you create a new client job you can choose to Copy Tasks from the template job to the new job.

Load the target Job and go to the Tasks/Stage Section

Load the target Job and go to the Tasks/Stages section

Then click on the Clone Task/Stage button

You can choose to copy from any current jobs that have tasks associated. There are also options to copy any associated task related items.

Clone Task Options Popup

Once the tasks have been cloned you can amend, delete and add items so the descriptions and budgets are specific to your current job.

Abtrac KB# 2114

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