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Set up guide: Emailing from Abtrac

Before you get started with emailing from Abtrac you’ll need to apply some settings and create some templates.

This article contains a step by step guide for administrators – directing you page by page to verify that the settings in Abtrac are ready for emailing.

The article also contains some advice on best practice for sending emails – and what to do to ensure your messages are received.

A word on email deliverability

The landscape of reliable email delivery and online communication constantly changes.

Like many application providers we work with a third party to provide you the best in email deliverability. Abtrac emails are back by the experience of the team at Twillo SEND GRID, you can learn more about SendGrid here.

As the global email environment changes we’ll continue to update Abtrac email to ensure best practice.

This means that setting up to email from Abtrac isn’t a one time thing. We recommend you check the latest recommendations, and your email settings, regularly to ensure you’re up to date with best practice.

1. Setting addresses for emailing

Email send settings are stored under System Settings > Invoices > Email Configuration.

Here you can select:

  • Send address for emails
  • Display name for sending emails
  • CC to Job Owners
  • BCC address
  • Combining sends for recipients with multiple invoices

View details on configuring email sending in Abtrac here

2. Setting up template email messages

From Administration > Settings > Email Settings you can configure default or template emails

Each email template can have preset:

  • subject line
  • email message text,
  • including placeholders for linking specific Abtrac client and job information.

Email templates can be created for sending invoices, invoice reminders, accounts rendered and job documents (including proposal documents). It’s a good idea to vary your template text from time to time, to avoid your mail being filed as junk.

You can have more than one template for each email type,  and you can also edit any email content before sending.

Follow the steps for setting up email templates here

3. Checking email delivery status

You will receive confirmation from AbtracOnLine immediately after an invoice is emailed as to whether it has sent or not.

But it takes a while longer to confirm whether the message has been delivered successfully, received and read.

As emails are sent from Abtrac and mail servers and recipients interact with them, a log is stored of the email status. The email events and email notification types are:

  • Processed
  • Dropped
  • Deferred
  • Blocked
  • Bounced
  • Delivered
  • Opened
  • Clicked

An Abtrac administrator can view the status of all emails at any time from Home >> Email Notifications. You can also view the status of sent invoices from Invoices > Load Invoices.

View details on email send status in Abtrac here

4. How to ensure successful delivery (and what to do if your mail isn’t received)

When an email has been accepted at the receiving server, the delivered event fires. This event does not guarantee that the email was placed in the recipient’s inbox. 

Emails sent from Abtrac often include important financial information, which can occasionally lead to them being mistakenly flagged as spam and routed to junk folders or even rejected altogether.

The best way to ensure successful delivery is to:

  • Check the send address set up for emails
  • Check your content – follow recommendations for your email template messages
  • Set expectations – when a job starts let your clients know you’ll be sending job information and invoices from Abtrac
  • Encourage recipients to trust you – ask your contacts to update their email settings and add @abtraconline.com to their safe senders list

Here’s what to do if your clients isn’t receiving an email sent through Abtrac

5. Sending Proposals and Job Documents

Project documents, fee estimates and proposals are all sent from within the Projects Menu.

In Abtrac you can have multiple job documents and a variety of email templates to send with them.

Choose the Projects > Print option and then select a standard or job specific template document.

From the Email Job Template screen > Email Settings allows you to select which email template to send with your job document.

6. Sending Invoices

Invoices are sent from the Load Invoice screen.

You can email invoices from Abtrac in bulk using a template email message. Or you can send singles invoices using template messages or customised emails to individuals.

Read more about emailing invoices from Abtrac here

7. Sending Invoice Reminders and Accounts Rendered (Statements)

You can review and send invoice reminders for outstanding accounts with the add-on Debtor Management module.

See how to use Invoice reminders here

Accounts Rendered are also part of the Debtor Management module. You can send a current statement of accounts from Debtor Reports.

Read how to send statements (accounts rendered) here

Abtrac KB#1018

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