Using the Abtrac Mobile App

The Abtrac mobile app is free for all Abtrac subscribers. Please note that the Abtrac timesheets app is not a standalone system. To use the app you’ll also need a current subscription to the Abtrac web application. If you don’t yet have a subscription please read more here

Subscribers to Abtrac can use this app to easily track time and disbursements on-the-go.

Installing the Abtrac mobile app

The Abtrac mobile app for timesheets is available on Android and iOS*

*If using your computer to download the app, you will need to be signed in to the same google /iOS account that your mobile has.

Using the Abtrac mobile app

Login to the mobile app

Once you have installed the application to your phone, find the newly installed App and open it to see the login screen.

The mobile app allows timesheet and disbursement entry, you can view the latest release notes for the app here.

The mobile app applies the same logical rules and constraints as the web app. Administrators can configure settings for mobile using these instructions.

The login credentials are the same that you use for the Abtrac web application.

My Timesheet page (Home)

When you first load the Abtrac mobile application you will be presented with a screen where you can:

  • add a new timesheet for the selected date
  • see a list of any timesheets already entered
  • add or edit employee disbursements entered against that timesheet
  • or see your account information and get help

How to Select Dates/View Days

Scroll to select dates

To change the date by one day ahead or behind, click on the arrows on either side of the date at the top of the screen or the left and the right arrows next to the day totals.

Choose dates from a calendar

Or if you need to view or edit a time entry from many days away, the best option is to choose the calendar icon. You will get a pop-up on touching the icon and here you can easily select the date.

Totals and Timesheet Periods

In the mobile app time entries are automatically assigned to the relevant period.

The Totals section shows the total units for the day selected on the first line and the total units for the entire timesheet period on the second line.

Viewing Time Entry Summary Lines

The timesheet line summary for each timesheet entry shows client name, job code, job description (partially), task, start time, stop time, disbursement icon, delete icon, disbursement count and time units.

My Account and Help

Clicking the person icon on the top right will present you with help articles, a contact us form for any feedback or questions, our privacy policy and terms and conditions, and the option to log out.

Adding a New time entry

Touch the ‘+’ symbol on ‘My Timesheet’ to add a New time entry (new timesheet line).

The new timesheet date in the ‘Timesheet Details’ screen will default to the same date as the My Timesheet page.

To start with a different date, scroll or select a new date from the ‘My timesheet screen’.

You can also edit the date of the timesheet line later if needed.

New Timesheet Details

When you click on add a new or edit entry, you will be presented with a screen showing you the same fields available in the desktop version of Abtrac based on the Timesheet Linear Form View.

Required fields for timesheets include:

  • Date
  • Job/ Job Details (includes Client Abbreviation and Job description)
  • and Time (Units or Start + Stop time).

Optional fields are are set by your Abtrac admins:

  • Task
  • Activity
  • Work Item
  • and Comment requirements

You must enter details in order – select a job first, then task etc.

In any data entry field you can search/enter any details related to a job: job number, job description, client name, etc. to display relevant results.

Entering time (units or timer)

You can either enter the number of units directly or use the ‘Start Time’ and ‘Stop Time’.

If you enter units without the Start/Stop Time, the summary page shows just the units and the time the job was logged – without stop time .

Saving a timesheet options

After entering your timesheet you can touch one of the save icons on the bottom right or top right of the screen to save it.

Save (and add new)

Touching the save icon (without the $ sign) will save the record, give you a brief message saying if the saving was successful or not, and then clear all the fields so you can begin your next entry. To view the timesheet again, touch the back arrow at the top left of the page to go back to the Landing page with all timesheet entries.

Save (and add disbursement)

To save the entry and add a disbursement straight away, touch the save icon with the $ sign.

This will save the record, then move to a screen where you can add the disbursement details and save the record. Touching save will again give you a brief message saying if the saving was successful or not, and then clear all the fields so you can begin your next disbursement entry.

To add a new timesheet from here, touch the back arrow on the top left.

Editing an existing time entry

Touch an already entered timesheet row in My Timesheet. The ‘Manage Time Entry’ popup gives options to edit the entry, delete the entry, or view/add disbursements.

If the timesheet entry has been invoiced or the timesheet has been committed the row will show as a different colour, and clicking on the entry will give you an indication as to why it has been locked.

Deleting a time entry

The units entered for each timesheet are shown below the trashcan icon. To delete that timesheet entry, click the trashcan, or click on the timesheet entry to view the popup allowing you to delete the entry.

Adding a disbursement entry

Adding a disbursement when creating a timesheet line

When saving a timesheet, touch the save icon with the dollar ($) sign to save the time and enter disbursements straight away.

Adding a disbursement from My timesheets

Touch on the disbursement icon on the timesheet entry.

Or touch anywhere on an already entered timesheet row, and select disbursements from the popup.

Disbursement Details

Adding a new disbursement entry will fill the client and job information based on the timesheet entry.

You can select the disbursement type and other related information the same as on the desktop version of Abtrac.

Editing an existing disbursement

When you touch the Disbursement icon from the timesheet screen, where a disbursement already exists, you get a screen showing you all the disbursements related to that timesheet entry.

From here you can:

  • tap New Disbursement Entry (+) button to add an additional disbursement,
  • touch an existing disbursement row to edit it
  • delete the disbursement using the trash can

Setting up mobile timesheets (for administrators)

Allowing mobile app access

Administrators of Abtrac can set up mobile access for all users from Administration >> System Settings >> Employees

Setting visible fields for mobile timesheets

Enable the visible fields for mobile timesheets in User Control Settings.

From Administration >> Settings >> User Control Settings >> select Timesheet – Forms >> enable the visible fields so that the necessary information is displayed in the app.

Setting required fields for timesheets

This setting works system wide not just the mobile app. Learn how to set up required fields for timesheets here.

Date and Job/ Job Details (includes Client Abbreviation and Job description) and Units are a system requirement.

Task, Activity, Work Item and Comment can all be set up as required in Abtrac.

Abtrac KB# 2009

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