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Get early access to the Abtrac mobile app

The all-new Abtrac mobile app is now available for Abtrac subscribers willing to participate in Beta tests of this early release.

The first version of the mobile app will be for timesheets only and includes:

•     Quick on-the-go time + cost tracking
•     Record time against project tasks
•     Detailed timesheet comments
•     See daily and weekly totals at a glance

Abtrac mobile app release Q4 2023 includes:

Current Capabilities

Early releases of the Abtrac mobile app include all standard timesheet and disbursement entry features from the web application.

The current app is for single account timesheet entry – you cannot view others timesheets.

Current Limitations

If you use the following features in Abtrac the current version of mobile timesheets may not suit your business. You can continue to use the web application on a mobile browser by following these instructions.

Timesheets cannot be cloned within the mobile app

Timesheets periods can only be marked as “ready to complete” from within the main web application.

Alerts and Warnings: Alerts within the web application are not linked to mobile app timesheet entries. This includes:

  • No prepayment prompts
  • No timesheet threshold warnings for users
  • No disbursement threshold warnings for users
  • No threshold alert emails to job managers for time logged in the app
  • No Warn user about timesheet required hours

Compatible devices

iOS Compatibility

The app supports all iOS devices that run iOS 11 or later. This includes devices such as iPhones, and iPads.

Android Compatibility

The Android devices that run Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later.

About Abtrac Beta Features

By participating in our Beta Program, you agree to provide us with feedback directly. Beta features, by their very nature, are meant for testing, which means that they may not work as expected. You understand that we’re not responsible for any issues or problems caused by the Beta Service, but as always, we’ll do our best to resolve any issues.
Thank you for participating in the Abtrac Beta Program.

Signing Up to the Abtrac mobile app

The Abtrac mobile app is now available on Android and iOS.

Using the Abtrac mobile app

The mobile app applies the same logical rules and constraints as the web app.

Administrators can configure settings for mobile using these instructions.

The login credentials are the same that you use for the Abtrac web application.

Read how to use the Abtrac mobile app here

Abtrac KB # 2005

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