Quick start guide: Trialing Abtrac

How Abtrac works

Welcome to Abtrac! Abtrac is an all-in-one management solution that helps ensure business runs smoothly.

We call Abtrac a ‘single source of truth’.

Abtrac was created to solve the problems of data inaccuracies, and the frustrations of endless spreadsheets. Abtrac ensures that everyone who needs to know what’s happening has access to real time in-depth information. There’s no surprises.

In Abtrac everything is connected. It works a bit like this:

In Abtrac, all time is assigned to a job which links to a client. The team can then use that tracked time to manage jobs and resources, track project budgets, prepare and send invoices, and report on where your business is at.

About your Trial

Your Abtrac trial comes with unlimited access, includes link to accounts, debtors, unlimited employees, invoices etc. for 30 calendar days (fair use applies).

Trial Data

An Abtrac trial with data comes with the following:

  • 1 employees
  • 2 clients
  • 7 jobs
  • 1 timesheet
  • 7 timesheet lines
  • 1 invoice and
  • 4 invoice lines

You have access to all the features of Abtrac and can add to your trial data with your own jobs, timesheets and projects – to get a feel of how Abtrac might fit in your office.

Video: A tour of your trial data

Getting started with your Abtrac trial

Check out the below articles which take you step by step from adding users to your trial through to getting ready to invoice from Abtrac.

Adding Users to your Abtrac Trial

Adding Jobs/Projects to your Abtrac Trial

Entering Time and Disbursements to your Abtrac Trial

Abtrac KB# 2175

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