Adding Users to your Abtrac Trial

When evaluating a trial, it is good to include other members of the team.

Add extra users to your Abtrac trial

You can add people to your trial from Administration >> Employees >> Employee Details.

Click on the ‘+’ (add) button to add a new employee.

The below screen will open.

Enter data into the mandatory fields (with asterisks beside them) and any other fields as required.

Save the record by clicking on the ‘Update’ button as indicated.

Setting up the user to log in to Abtrac

Once the employee is added, they will need their own unique credentials to log into Abtrac.

From Administration >> Employees >> Login Management, click on the ‘+’ (add) sign to open a screen to add the new record.

Every field is mandatory. Choose the employee name from the drop down selector.

Enter their email address and assign them to a ‘User Group’, ‘Admin’ in this case.

See more on User Groups here.

Choose their default timesheet view and create a password for them.

Save the record by clicking on the ‘Save’ button at the top right of the above screenshot as indicated. Now you have successfully added a new employee into Abtrac.

You can also add/edit the individual employee login by clicking on the pencil edit button near the employee name.

We recommend that you log out and test if the new user can successfully log into Abtrac trial as expected.

See the article Adding a New Employee and Creating a Login

Video: Adding Employees and Logins

Abtrac KB# 2171

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