Entering Time and Disbursements to your Abtrac Trial

Your Abtrac trial includes a quick set up module on the homepage, near the footer menu.

Trial homepage >> Abtrac Quick Setup button

Here, you can choose the naming convention for your jobs/projects and their components and also choose how you want your timesheets to appear.

Abtrac Timesheet Layouts

See the article Timesheet Entry: Setting up How your Timesheets Look and Work

Click on the save button indicated in the screenshot to save the quick settings.

Abtrac Quick Setup

These are some of the basic minimum settings in Abtrac.

You can customise Abtrac in more detail setting names, required fields and defaults from Administration >> Settings >> System Settings.

Your Abtrac trial comes with one timesheet. You can view this timesheet and add more records in two ways.

From the home screen widget for Timesheets and Schedules >> click on a Timesheet Period ending date to go into the timesheet for that date.

Home screen widgets

Alternately, you can also go into a timesheet from the home screen menu.

From Time & Disbursements >> Employee Time & Disbursements >> click on the required period ending date.

Click on the + button to add a new timesheet line.


Enter the details for the new timesheet line and click on the save button to save the timesheet line.


Adding Disbursements

Disbursements or costs can be added by clicking on the Disbursements button in the Timesheet page.

Disbursements button

Add the Disbursements by clicking on the ‘+’ button and then click save.

Adding Disbursements

The different disbursement types can be entered through Administration >> Maintenance >> Disbursement.

Changing how your timesheet looks

The timesheet layout by default is the Linear Grid.

If you prefer a different timesheet layout, you can click on the ‘View’ button and choose from the different timesheet layouts.

Select a timesheet layout

You can also customise which fields are required when entering time, and which columns are visible or hidden from Administration >> Settings >> User Control Settings >> clicking on the relevant timesheet page.

Watch Abtrac Quick Tutorial:- Timesheet views Example and Entry

Abtrac KB# 2173

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