Adding Jobs/Projects to your Abtrac Trial

To add a Job/Project to your Abtrac trial you need to add a client or contact first.

Adding a Client to your trial

From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> select Add Client or Contact.

You can choose to add just the contact name & save, and add the other details later.

The ‘System Code’ and ‘Creation Date’ are auto generated.

Fill in any other required fields and click on the ‘Save Contact Details’ button to save the contact.

Adding a Job to the Client

Jobs and Projects must belong to a Client(Contact) in Abtrac. From the ‘Contact Details’ page >> click on the Jobs tab >> then click on the ‘Add Job for this Contact’ button.

This takes you to the ‘Job Details’ page.

Configuring Job details

The Job Code is auto-generated based on rules determined from system settings.

Enter a Job Description and Click on the ‘Save Job Details’ button to save.

The ‘Job Details’ page will be updated with the Job description as below:

You can fill in the other details as and when required.

Abtrac KB# 2172

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