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How to send eInvoices from Abtrac

Before you start – check your eInvoice set up

Before you start eInvoicing from Abtrac you will need to check your eInvoice configuration settings, instructions are included in the links below:

You can send eInvoices regardless of the software your client is using.

  • Make sure your business’s global identifier (ABN, NZBN), currency, and registered business name are set up in Abtrac
  • Make sure your Name of client business number is set to either NZBN or ABN
  • Find your clients identifier (ABN, NZBN) and add it to their billing details in Abtrac.
  • Update your clients project number within Abtrac
  • Confirm your client is registered to receive eInvoices
  • Check your invoice meets the invoice line requirements

Complete the requirements for all the steps above by following these instructions:

Read about how eInvoicing works here

Instructions for eInvoice configuration and eInvoice preferences

Then create your Abtrac invoice in the usual way and choose Send as eInvoice.

Creating an invoice – eInvoicing requirements

From Invoices >> Generate Invoice > create an invoice in the usual way.

An eInvoice must meet requirements for the invoice line amounts, to ensure the document can be sent through the eInvoice network.

The eInvoice invoice line rules are outlined below

  • Your invoice must have at least one invoice line with monetary value assigned to it to send an eInvoice.
  • Text only lines from Abtrac are not sent as part of your eInvoice
    • You can attach a pdf to include any text information with no values
  • Any invoice line with a monetary value assigned to it MUST have a text narration for eInvoices.
  • Please make sure your Rates, Units and Invoice Line Amounts add up correctly
    • You cannot send an invoice line with a partial Text and Units line from Abtrac (rates only etc)
    • You cannot have any invoice lines with a Abtrac units value of zero or lower

The eInvoice address detail requirements are outlined below

Before sending your eInvoice your invoice must have:

  • Client Job Number
  • Clients global identifier (ABN, NZBN)
  • Invoice Currency (this is usually prefilled from your Invoice and Office Settings)
  • Bill via eInvoice as current

The invoice recipient information is pre-filled from the client or project invoice address details according to the hierarchy explained here. You can also enter this information into the invoice details directly.

Sending an individual eInvoice

Invoice Management – Send eInvoices

From Invoices > Load Invoices > click on the relevant invoice number to go to the Invoice Management screen.

To send the invoice via eInvoice the invoice must first be committed.

Then from Invoice Management >> choose Report Options >> then choose Send as eInvoice.

Invoice Management – Send eInvoices confirmation

Abtrac uses a third party provider (Tickstar from Xero) for eInvoicing within the Peppol network (this is the framework that the New Zealand and Australian governments adopted for standardised eInvoicing).

As eInvoices are sent from Abtrac the document is validated and a response message will display as a pop up. An eInvoice status event of either successful or failed will display.

This message also displays above the invoice details section in red.

Any issues with validation and sending the eInvoice will be detailed in these same messages, you’ll need to fix any issues and then attempt to resend the invoice. You can read more on eInvoice send errors and below.

Checking eInvoice delivery status

Setting up the Load Invoice screen to view eInvoices

Any user can view the send status of all invoices sent via Abtrac from the Load invoice screen.

To enable the “Can bill via eInvoice” and “eInvoice Send Status” columns in the Load invoice screen go to Administration > Settings > User Control Settings, and choose “Invoices – Load”

View the send status and history for failed deliveries

You can view a summary of the eInvoice send status from the Load Invoice screen

For a detailed list of sending errors open the invoice and click on the link from within the invoice details header.

A complete summary of send attempts and any failed messages is included below the invoice line detail section.

List of eInvoicing errors

Missing Information

  • You must have a Business Number (ABN/NZBN) registered to send an eInvoice. To do this, go to Administration -> Settings -> Invoice and Other Office Settings and fill out the ‘Business Number’ field.
  • The recipient’s Business Number (ABN/NZBN) MUST be provided in the invoice.
  • You must have a Legal Entity Name registered to send an eInvoice.  To do this, go to Administration -> Settings -> Invoice and Other Office Settings and fill out the ‘Company Legal Entity Name’ field.
  • Please select a currency for this invoice.
  • You must have a Contact Project Number registered to send an eInvoice. To do this, go to this invoice’s job’s job details page and fill out the Contact Job No Field.
  • You must have a Client Business Number set up under Administration -> Settings -> Invoice and Other Office Settings -> Client Business Number

Incorrect Information

  • Please ensure that your ABN/NZBN entered under Invoice and Other Office Settings is valid. Your number is under Administration -> Settings -> Invoice and Other Office Settings -> ‘Company Business Number’
  • Your recipient’s NZBN/ABN is not valid. Please check the number entered in the Invoice.”;
  • The name of the Client’s Business Number on this invoice is invalid. It must be either NZBN or ABN. (This setting can be changed under Administration -> Settings -> Invoice and Other Office Settings -> Name of Client’s Business Number).

What happens if an eInvoice cannot be sent?

When you send an eInvoice, your clients eInvoice registration is validated.

If their company is not registered for eInvoicing with Peppol, you’ll be notified that the eInvoice can’t be sent. In this case you can send the invoice as a PDF or by email instead. 

Abtrac KB# 2018

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