About eInvoicing

What is eInvoicing?

eInvoicing is the ability to send electronic invoices directly to your clients accounting software via a secure network. 

With direct exchange of invoice data between any two accounting systems, doing business can become smoother, faster and safer. With less manual handling and processing, it can reduce admin, errors and delays – and help speed up processing and payment, to improve business cash flow.

How does eInvoicing work?

An eInvoice is delivered directly into your customer’s accounting system, where it can be approved without the need for manual entry.

To make this happen a secure, public global network called Peppol was created. Peppol is used in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific.

The Peppol framework includes protocols for sharing financial information. This includes using a global business identifier (tax number: ABN or NZBN) to ensure invoices reach the right place, it also includes standardisations around invoice data .

The Peppol framework is being adopted and legislated by governments wordwide. You can read more about global eInvoicing adoption here: https://peppol.org/country-profiles/

Who can use eInvoicing?

eInvoicing is supported by the Australian and New Zealand governments who have been promoting its use from late 2022 .

For now it’s predominantly used for invoicing large businesses and government agencies.

Your business doesn’t need to be registered with Peppol to send an eInvoice.

Your client needs to be registered with Peppol to receive eInvoices.

Will it become mandatory to use eInvoicing?

eInvoicing is mandatory for many government agencies.

To find out the latest requirements for businesses, visit your government’s website: Australia New Zealand.

How can I check if my client is registered to receive eInvoices?

You can check if your clients are already eInvoicing-enabled using the Peppol Directory.

The quickest way to do so is through your government websites: Australia | New Zealand

How can I find my clients global business identifier

Australia businesses: ABN

Australian businesses can find your clients ABN from the ABN Lookup website.

New Zealand businesses: NZBN

New Zealand companies can find a clients NZBN from the NZBN Register.

How do I send eInvoices with Abtrac?

eInvoicing in Abtrac is currently available as an optional add-on module for Australian and New Zealand subscriptions. For Abtrac users outside of Australia and New Zealand, eInvoicing will be available in Abtrac when required in your country. You can read more about global eInvoicing adoption here:https://peppol.org/country-profiles/

Abtrac uses a third party provider (Tickstar from Xero) for eInvoicing within the Peppol network (this is the framework that the New Zealand and Australian governments adopted for standardised eInvoicing.)

You can send eInvoices regardless of the software your client is using.

  • Make sure your business’s global identifier (ABN, NZBN) and registered business name is set up in Abtrac
  • Make sure your Name of client business number is set to either NZBN or ABN
  • Find your clients identifier (ABN, NZBN) and add it to their billing details in Abtrac.
  • Update your clients project number within Abtrac
  • Confirm your client is registered to receive eInvoices.

Create your Abtrac invoice in the usual way, and choose Send as eInvoice.

Read more about setting up for eInvoicing here

Read how to send an eInvoice here

Abtrac KB# 2007

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