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How to activate eInvoicing in Abtrac

About eInvoicing

eInvocing is an optional add-on to your Abtrac subscription. With eInvoicing you can send invoices directly to your clients accounting software.

eInvoicing in Abtrac is currently available as an optional add-on module for Australian and New Zealand subscriptions. For Abtrac users outside of Australia and New Zealand, eInvoicing will be available in Abtrac when required in your country. You can read more about global eInvoicing adoption here:https://peppol.org/country-profiles/

Abtrac uses a third party provider (Tickstar from Xero) for eInvoicing within the Peppol network (this is the framework that the New Zealand and Australian governments adopted for standardised eInvoicing.)

Abtrac is recognised by the government as an eInvoicing-ready product: Australia | New Zealand

Read more about eInvoicing here

How to enable eInvoicing in Abtrac

Subscription details

Click onYour Subscription details‘ link which can be seen at the bottom of any of the Abtrac pages.

This takes you to the page containing your Abtrac Subscription details, Fees and Payment.

Add-on modules are displayed in the Subscriptions column.

Add/Remove Licenses

Click on the ‘Add/Remove License’ link pictured above.

The ‘Adjust Abtrac Subscription/Licences’ box appears.

  • In this page, select ‘eInvoicing’ as Enabled.
  • Now tick the ‘I have read and agree with Abtrac’s Terms and Conditions’ option.
  • Then click on the ‘Submit Licence Adjustment’ link to submit the changes.

This will enable eInvoicing in Abtrac.

Setting up to use eInvoicing

Once eInvoicing is enabled you can set up your company, client and project details for eInvoicing by following the instructions below

Set up guide: eInvoice configuration and eInvoice preferences

How to send eInvoices from Abtrac 

Abtrac KB# 2019

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