Employee Charge Rates

Employee Charge Rates in AbtracOnLine can be as simple or as flexible as required.

This article explains how to set up default charge rates, multiple rates for employees and how to hide rate details from timesheet users.

AbtracOnline This article is for AbtracOnLine, follow this link for the Abtrac 5 version

The standard employee charge rate is defined from Administrator > Employees > Employee Details.


Using Multiple Charge Rates

It’s possible to enter two additional employee chargeout rates which can be selected from the timesheet entries screen on a case by case basis. (When the timesheet user has permissions to choose rates.)

To optionally use multiple rates in Abtrac timesheets just right click in the rates column and select one of the alternate charge rates available.


Hiding Charge Rate details

From Employees > User Groups and Privileges you can choose to show/hide rate details on the timesheet screens for any User Group .


Setting up specific Client, Project, Task or Activity Rates

If you are looking for more flexibility with rates. Or if you need to enter unique charge rates for specific clients, jobs, projects, tasks, stages or activities then you can do so from the Client and Jobs screens. These unique rates will override the default charge rate(s) for the specified employees (or in the case of activities the rates will apply for all employees).

This article has information about specific charge rates and explains which rates take precedence when multiple rates are specified: Employee Charge Rates: Specific Rates

Chargeout Rates Hierarchy 

Graphic for Employee Rates

Abtrac KB# 2079