Required Units for a Timesheet

You can set required units for an employee timesheet period from the Administration menu.

Once required units are set, you can view and report on hours remaining in a period, and the percentage hours worked.

Setting up/Editing Required Units Per Timesheet

From Administration >> Employees >> Employee Details >> click on the pencil edit button beside the name of the person whose details you want to change.

This will expand the details for the selected employee in the screen.

Set up or edit the ‘Units Per Timesheet’ in the field indicated above. Then click on the Update button.  This will change the ‘Required Units’ in the timesheets screen going forward.

Typically units in timesheets are 1 unit = 1 hour, you can set the Unit Conversion measurement from System Settings >> Timesheets

Sending reminder emails when required units are not met

You can enable timesheet reminders for all employees from Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> Employees.

This sets a default for all employees to receive timesheet reminder emails after the number of days you specify.

This setting can be manually turned on/off for individual employees under Administration >> Employees >> Employee Details.

All others will receive a friendly reminder via email reminding them to complete the timesheet for the timesheet period just completed.

Changing required units for historic timesheets

Any updates to required units only take effect from when the change is made. This includes the required units for any current timesheet periods – these will not be updated. The change will take effect from the next newly created timesheet period.

If you need to retrospectively change the required units for an employee for any previous timesheet periods you will need to contact the Abtrac support team to do it for you.

Reporting on required hours (timesheet units)

The following reports are based on required hours.

Dashboard: Current Timesheet Period

From the Home screen >> Current Timesheet Period dashboard widget shows the percentage of incomplete time with respect to the required hours.

Listing of Incomplete Timesheets

This is a missing time report. – From Reports >> Performance Reports >> click on ‘Listing of Incomplete Timesheets’ in the Timesheet Entries section to view a list of incomplete timesheets between selected dates.

Timesheet Summary screen

You can also view within the timesheet screen of an employee the total units worked, hours available and extra hours worked with respect to the required units.

Abtrac KB# 2189

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