System Settings: Timesheets

System Settings: Timesheets

Timesheet settings include the standard units of time, length and dates for timesheet periods. It also includes how jobs display in timesheets, required fields for entering time, prompts for job budegts and rules for locking and cloning time. Choices for disbursement settings are also included here.

You can access Timesheet settings from Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> Timesheets

If you’re new to Abtrac we recommend reading this article in conjunction with our Set up Guide

Timesheet settings

Units of time and rounding rules

Set your timesheet ‘Unit conversion’ e.g. 1=1 hour.

Rounding rules help to round off timesheet units either mathematically or to the nearest decimal point.

For example the entry in the below screen rounds up the units on a timesheet to the nearest half hour if you have set the timesheet Unit Conversion as 1 hour.

Rules for timesheet dates

‘No. Weeks Between Timesheets’ can be set up, for e.g. 1 for weekly or 2 for fortnightly payments.

You can also set up the last day of the timesheet period in ‘End of Period Day’.

Tick the boxes to limit the Date to restrict users entering time outside of the current timesheet period.

Limit New Timesheet to end of period day will restrict the last day of the timesheet period match the “End of period day” set earlier.

You have the option of giving a user warning when the required hours are not completed in the timesheet.

Rules and settings for timelines

Job Combo Box can be set up to be sorted according to your preference.

Task and Activity can be set up to auto fill on the timesheet.

Activity codes can be entered in the timesheets based on the tasks.

Budgets and Project payments

User can be prompted if Pre Payment or initial deposit amount has not been made.

You can also disable budget warnings when entering time.

Thresholds and budgets are calculated based on charge rates.

If required by your business, you can instead tick the ‘Base threshold alerts on cost not charge’ tick box here to change the calculation to cost rates.

Admin settings when cloning and committing time

Use the tick box to copy or remove the comments on a timesheet cloned from an existing timesheet period.

Zero units showing up in the new timesheets can be removed when commiting the timesheet.

Disbursement Settings

Required fields for Disbursements

Specify what details the user needs to fill in on the disbursement entry, like an activity code, task (stage or phase), comments.

You can also prompt to enter disbursement costs when time is entered and disburse consumable costs based on billable jobs only.

Budget thresholds and margins on disbursements

You can disable budget warnings when entering disbursements.

Choose to allow write-ons(offs) on Disbursements.

‘Disbursement Margin Apply Rules’ can be selected based on how margins are handled by your business.

A consumable cost can be linked to a disbursement type from here.

Abtrac KB# 1002

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