Deposits or Pre-Payments

A deposit or pre-payment amount for a job can be entered in the ‘Job Billing Details’ page in Abtrac.

This could be an initial deposit or an advance paid for a job.

This feature could also be useful in the event of an overpayment by a regular client for a job – the overpaid amount could be transferred to their next job as paid deposit or pre-payment amount.

Recording a Deposit or Pre-Payment

From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients and Jobs >> click on the relevant job code to go into the Job Details Page >> click on the Job Billing Details tab

Enter the ‘Pre-Payment Amount’ and tick the ‘Pre-Payment Amount Paid’ tick box. Then click on the ‘Save Billing Details’ Button to save the details.

Now, when you try to generate an invoice for this job from Invoices >> Generate Invoices, the below message appears. You can then edit the invoice lines manually to account for this pre-payment.

How to Manage Deposits or Pre-Payments in Abtrac

Create a job.

You can send a proposal from Abtrac, or elsewhere.

Enter in details of any deposit required.

When you get confirmation, create an invoice for the deposit.

You can set up a warning in system settings when people are putting time on a job for which a pre-payment hasn’t been received.

From Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> Timesheets tab >> tick the box for ‘Prompt user if Pre Payment amount not paid’

Once the deposit is received, you can put a tick in the ‘Pre-Payment Amount Paid’ tick box in the Job Billing Details page.

This way people can log time against the job confidently. This also pops up a message on the next invoice generated for the job, letting you know you’ll need to create an adjustment to reflect the payment already received.

When the next stage is ready to bill, the subsequent invoice is generated for the full amount of time spent as usual. But you can then add an extra invoice line with a negative amount and mention that in the narration. For example, “Less $2,000.00 incl GST deposit received 07/03/23”.

By matching an invoice to the deposit, you can ensure that your invoiced numbers and your time spent stays accurate.

Reporting the Pre-Payment Amount

Go to Reports >> Performance Reports >> click Timesheet Entries under the section Timesheet Entries

Select the dates and other criteria on the right and then click on any of the ‘Report Options’ to preview the Timesheet Entries Report.

This report shows the pre-payment amount for a job and its payment status along with the timesheet entries for that job.

Abtrac KB# 2160

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