Getting Started: AbtracOnLine

We’d recommend working through the articles in this page in conjunction with our Frequently Asked Questions for Getting Started with AbtracOnLine.

Signing up to Abtrac
Going Live
Terms and Conditions
Getting Started
Abtrac Online Setup – Quick Start Guide
How to use things – tips and tricks
How Abtrac is Organised

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Log ins, Users and Employees
Users (Current Employees)
Changing your login
User specific settings
Employee Cost Rates
Employee Charge Rates

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Administration Settings
Tasks or Activities
Setting up Non-Chargeable and Administration codes

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Jobs & Projects
Creating and managing tasks
Project and Task Charge Rates
Project Status

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Timesheets & Disbursements
Timesheet layouts
Clone timesheets
Bulk Edit Timesheets

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Clients & Contacts
Search Clients & Projects
Creating and managing tasks

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Invoice Design and Layout
Invoice addresses
How to email invoices

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Linking your Accounting System
Sending invoices to your accounts

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Recording invoice payments

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Throughout the process of going live with AbtracOnLine our sales and support team will lead you through what’s required and when – from start to finish. For us ‘from start to finish’ includes ensuring that all the Abtrac users in your office feel confident they can enter and edit the data they require and run reports they need. You can read more about the Abtrac support team here.