Clients and Jobs Reports

Reports are an important feature of Abtrac wherein the information within can be extracted and presented in a meaningful way. Reports also help list useful items and/or assess your company’s performance.

In this article, we will have a look at the ‘Clients and Jobs’ Reports, which comes first in the reports’ list. From Reports >> Performance Reports >> go to ‘Clients and Jobs’ to get a list of reports for clients and jobs.

Clients and Jobs Report Types
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Sub-Consultants Reports

Work carried out by Sub-Consultants for various jobs(projects) can be summarised using the ‘Sub-Consultants’ Reports.

From Reports >> Performance Reports >> go to ‘Sub-Consultants’ section below the ‘Timesheet Entries’ section.

The Sub-Consultants report section shows Sub-Consultant Invoice Listing, Subconsultant Reports By Job and Subconsultants Purchase Orders.

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Managing Invoice Line Groups

In Abtrac, you can easily manage the positioning and grouping of various invoice lines.

Go to Administration >> Settings >> Invoice Line Control Settings to edit your Invoice Line Control Settings. Here you can edit the invoice line types, enable grand total for progress claim invoice, enter a grant total footer narration, edit different control labels, etc.

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