Linking your Accounting System with AbtracOnLine

Abtrac integrates easily with all popular desktop & cloud accounting software packages.

At the click of a button, upload your contacts, sales invoices and other information from Abtrac to all these packages and others.

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Oracle Financials




Double entry is a thing of the past now that data between our systems connects and synchronises so elegantly. And managing two systems which work together as one has never been easier.

Here’s how it works


2000_api-cvsAbtracOnLine will link to your accounting package via the API (application programming interface) supplied by your accounts software.

An API is essentially a doorway through which Abtrac can enter and deliver your invoice information. In some instances we can also link and update your contacts, jobs/projects and other information. What we are able to automatically synchronise is defined by your accounting package API.


2000_api-cvs2If your accounting package doesn’t have an API, or if it restricts the information that  AbtracOnLine is able to create, then we can also link and export  information via .csv files.

Unlike the API doorway the .csv link is two step process. A suitable invoice upload file is created from Abtrac and saved in a folder to your desktop, dropbox etc. This file is then accessed from your accounting software and uploaded using your accounting software’s import function.

What determines the link?

Tax Codes and Account Numbers are assigned to every Abtrac invoice.

Each invoice (and each invoice line) in Abtrac will need to have both a tax code and an account code that matches those in your accounting system.

In some instances the Client and Jobs (Projects) will also need to match, in other instances you can choose to simply create new clients in your accounting system based on the address details from your Abtrac invoices.

These Tax Codes and Account Numbers are applied to each and every Invoice from details specified in your Accounts Interface settings, which are linked to the AbtracOnLine Invoice Settings.


An invoice setting can only be associated with a single accounts interface.

All offices may share one accounting interface setting.

It is also possible to have multiple accounts interfaces, and send your invoices to different accounting packages, or different accounts files.

How do we set it up?

Once you have both an Office and Invoice Setting created in Abtrac for an API connection, you can choose Accounting Interface Settings from the top menu Accounting >> Interface Settings.

You can add and configure interfaces yourself to the following Accounting packages via API:

When an interface is created, you can edit its display name and associate it with an invoice setting, or edit other settings regarding the interface.

The Abtrac support team will need to assist you to configure the link between other popular packages including :

  • MYOB AccountRight Classic (v19 or earlier)
  • QuickBooks and Quickbooks OnLine
  • Reckon Accounts and Reckon One
  • Sage
  • Moneyworks
  • Oracle Financials

Is there a charge for the accounts integration add-on?

A flat rate of $15 per month applies for each accounts integration add-on. To determine the total monthly fee for your subscription and accounts link, you can call the support team or try our pricing page with an online calculator. Additional charges apply if you require our support team to set up the accounts integration add-on.  Charges apply based on the interface type and not the number of interfaces you have configured.

Once your accounts integration is set up, this article on Using the Abtrac-Accounts link is also a useful read.

Abtrac KB# 2073