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Configuring the Accounts Interface to Xero

AbtracOnLine links to Xero directly via the Xero API.

You can set up the link between Abtrac and Xero in less than 10 minutes following the instructions below, or if you call the support team we’d be happy to help you get underway.

Before you start: Read this article for an overview on how the Abtrac accounts link works

Setting up a connection to Xero

Once you are ready to set up the integration: Either from the Menu option Accounting > Interface Settings or from Administration > Settings > Invoice Settings > choose Accounting Interface Settings.

Then choose the option for Xero.

Choosing your Xero connection preferences

To configure your integration you’ll need to set some more specific preferences for Xero.

This organisation name and your Xero account login are used to create the link between AbtracOnLine and your accounts.

Choose a Xero Invoice Delivery Status

Choose the Xero delivery status of invoices uploaded from Abtrac: Draft, Submitted, or Authorised.

Adding new Clients to Xero

You can choose to add clients entered in Abtrac to Xero at the same time as invoices are uploaded.

Decide how to match your Abtrac Client invoices to your Xero Contacts

Clients can be matched using:

  • Abtrac’s Client Name to Xero Customer Name*
  • Abtrac’s Name on Invoice to Xero Customer Name*
  • Abtrac Client ID to Xero Contact Number

*When choosing either name option you will need to be aware that any minor misspellings/spelling changes on client names (or names on invoices) could result in duplicate records in Xero.

Linking Tax Codes

You can enter as many tax codes and associated tax rates as required, however only two codes will apply to invoices by default (those for revenue and those for tax-free revenue).

Any additional tax codes entered can be selected for individual invoices, or individual invoice lines from the tax code drop down. In some instances, you may need to change the tax settings for individual invoices from edit invoice details first.

Linking Xero Account Codes to Abtrac Invoice Settings

For the accounts upload to function you must link an invoice setting with an accounts interface setting. An invoice setting may only be linked to one accounts interface setting.

You can enter as many accounts codes as required, however only one code will apply to invoices by default.

Any additional accounts codes entered can be selected for individual invoices, or individual invoice lines from the GL code drop down. You can apply GL codes to all invoice lines by choosing from edit invoice details, or on a line by line basis as required.

Once your accounts integration is set up this article on using the Abtrac-Accounts link is also a useful read.

Notes on the Xero integration

  • As Xero doesn’t manage or report on Jobs(Projects) you cannot import project information relating to your invoices.

Why won’t my Abtrac connect with Xero?

Abtrac are Xero accredited developers
Being accredited means that we are kept in the loop with Xero development paths so we can always give the best connection solution to our clients.

From time to changes or updates might impact on your connection to Xero. Here are some known issues and solutions.

Connecting Multiple offices to Xero

With multiple offices connected to Xero, there can sometimes be an issue with Xero recycling the old connections.

You can fix your connection by:

1. Logging out of Abtrac.

2. Clearing all browser history with cookies.

3. Logging in to Xero App and disconnecting AbtracOnline from each Organization’s “Connected Apps”

5. Logging out of Xero

6. Log back in to Abtrac and re-connected to your Xero/InvoiceOffice Interfaces one by one.

Invoices won’t upload to Xero

Disbursements on invoices

Xero won’t upload Invoices that include Account Codes (GL Codes) for Direct Cost/Expense accounts. These need to be coded to a Sales Account.

Abtrac KB# 2075

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