Timesheet Entries Reports

The Timesheet Entries report shows all time and cost for the chosen criteria.

There are quite a few variations on the ‘basic’ timesheet entries report with options for lots of different filters, groups and sub-groupings.

It is often used in conjunction with the Manage WIP Screen, or the Unbilled Work Quick Summary to determine what can be billed each month.

The Timesheet entries report can be accessed from the Timesheets section in the reports page. It can also be run from within the Manage WIP Screen.

Go to Reports >> Performance Reports >> select Timesheet Entries in the Timesheet Entries section

Viewing the report

From the ‘Report Options’ button, you can select either ‘Preview with Export Options’ or ‘Preview and Print’ to preview the report.

The standard report layout can be previewed as below for ‘Preview and Print’ option.

By default, the report shows the total time and cost for the selection, with time and cost details also grouped. It shows Timesheet lines by date, comment, units and the total charge/cost extension for each timesheet line. Cost/Disbursement lines are shown below the total time.

Report Options

The report shows all time and costs for a Client and Project, between two dates.

This report can also be filtered/grouped using the active filters given on the right – by Job Office, Client, Job, Client Owner, Job Owner(s) and Employee.

Billable WIP only

Or by choosing the ‘Billable WIP only‘ option, this report only shows everything that has been unbilled for a job/s up to the date entered in the Date To field.

Select Multiple Jobs or Job Owners

For the Job and Job Owner options you can also multi-select only the projects/project owners you are interested in.

Multiple Selection

Choosing to report on cost or charge rate

To specify whether the timesheet report shows charge rate or cost rate, make a selection from the radio box before running the report.

Read more on employee rates here – Employee Charge Rates, Employee Charge Rates: Specific Rates, Employee Cost Rates, Scaled Cost Rates

Include Task, Activity, Work Item

From the selection box below, before you preview you can also optionally show task (stage or phase), and/or activity details. There is also an option to show invoicing history, and work item.

Show Invoice History, Task, Activity, Work Item

Timesheet Entries: Show task then activity

Timesheet Entries: with invoice history

Timesheet Entries Report Preview Options

Timesheet Entries Report Preview options allow you to produce many different types of custom reports.

Show zero extensions (missing rates)

Tick this box to hide timesheet lines with zero extensions. This usually occurs when no charge rate has been entered against an employee. For example, when a new employee hasn’t been set up with rates yet.

Hide zero extensions (missing rates)

Show zero units (missing time)

Tick this box to hide zero units. These usually show up when a timesheet has been cloned and zero value timesheet entries haven’t been deleted (see more here – Cloning Timesheets).

Hide zero units (missing time)

Show percentage margin for disbursements

Tick the box for ‘Show percentage margin for disbursements’ (% Margin) to view the below report.

The percentage margin is applied based on the rules in Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> Timesheets >> Disbursements section

(see more on this here – Adding a percentage to disbursements).

This report can be used as an internal one for the business.

Hide rates and extension (sharing timesheet details with clients)

Tick the box for ‘Hide rates and extension’ to hide any rates and extensions.

This report can be sent to clients, and optionally attached to their invoices so they can see the relevant timesheet entries without any sensitive information.

(see more on this here – invoice attachments)

Abtrac KB# 2039

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