System Settings: Employees

System Settings: Employees

Employee settings include choosing the sort order/display order for employee names, security settings, and timesheet reminder emails for all licensed users. Employee settings work in conjunction with your choices and settings in the Employees menu .

You can access this setting from Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> Employees

If you’re new to Abtrac we recommend reading this article in conjunction with our Set up Guide

Employee Name display and sort formats

Here you can set your preference on how an employee name is displayed and sorted in screens and reports throughout the system.

Security and Login settings

Two Factor Authentication enhances security for your users and can be enabled from system settings. This authentication confirms the user’s identity by requiring a combination of two different factors – a password and a code sent through email. Read more here

Employees can be prompted to change passwords after a given number of days.

You can enable users from your Abtrac account to login to the Abtrac mobile app (The mobile app compliments the main web application of Abtrac and is for tracking time and disbursements on-the-go)

Timesheet Reminder Emails

This sets a default for all employees to receive timesheet reminder emails after the number of days you specify.

This setting can be manually turned on/off for individual employees under Administration >> Employees >> Employee Details.

All others will receive a friendly reminder via email reminding them to complete the timesheet for the timesheet period just completed.

Abtrac KB #1004

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