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Scheduling Disbursements and Equipment

You can easily schedule disbursements and equipment in Abtrac.

This would be useful in instances where you have sharing of company vehicles or equipment, etc.

Setting disbursements as available to schedule

From Administration >> Maintenance >> Disbursement >> Add a new disbursement type by clicking on the plus sign.

Tick the field ‘Can Be Scheduled’ and save the record.

Read more about disbursement types here.

The disbursement can then be scheduled from Abtrac’s planned time module.

Scheduling disbursements and equipment

From Time & Disbursements >> Work Scheduling >> Planned Time >> select the schedule filter as Disbursements as shown below.

Disbursements that can be scheduled will show up in the Disbursements dropdown.

Add a new line to the weeks schedule, and select the date, job and disbursement to add to the schedule.

You can select the disbursements within the schedule line from the dropdown as shown below.

To view the ‘Disbursement’ column in the planned time screen above, you need to enable it first from the user control settings.

Configuring User Control Settings to view disbursement options

From Administration >> Settings >> User Control Settings >> select ‘Planned Time – Work Scheduling’ from the grid pages.

The column for viewing Employee and Disbursement entries is called Employee in User Control Settings. Give a width to the ‘Employee’ field name to enable the ‘Disbursement’ column when the ‘Disbursements’ filter is selected.

Abtrac KB# 2188

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