Repeat Clients Report

The Repeat Clients report gives a list of clients within a selected date range. Repeat Clients are those who have more than one associated job in the system.

This report may be used to show the relationship a job owner is cultivating with clients and any repeat work that is coming in from a client.

It can also be used to help assign job owners to a job by reviewing any history they have with a client.

How to generate the Repeat Clients Report

Go to Reports >> Performance Reports >> Clients and Jobs section >> click on Repeat Clients >> select the required from and to dates.

You can additionally filter this report by Job Owner (see more about owners here).

Now click on the ‘Report Options’ button on the top right.

Select any of the preview options to view the Repeat Clients – Between Dates report.

This report is grouped by one or all ‘Job Owner 1’s.

Note that some of the ‘repeat’ clients in the report are only showing one job between the date range, but they would have other jobs (outside of the given date range) in the system which qualifies them to belong to this report.

Understanding the Data

The Repeat Clients report shows the following information-

  • Job Owner 1
  • Date of First Job
  • Client Name
  • Date (of the repeat client’s Job between the given dates) and
  • Job Code

From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients and Jobs >> click on any ‘Contact Name’ to view the client Details for page.

The client name for this report comes from the ‘Details’ tab in the Details for client page.

The ‘Job Owner 1’, ‘Date of First Job’, ‘Date’ (of the repeat client’s job between the given dates) and ‘Job Code’ for this report comes from the respective jobs in the ‘Jobs’ tab in the Details for client page.

Click on any of the job codes to go into the ‘Job Details’ page for that job.

Abtrac KB# 2163

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