Progress Claim Numbers

Generating a Process Claim Number

Progress Claim Numbers can be automatically generated for each job (project) and invoice in Abtrac.

Setting Claim numbers as required for all Jobs

From Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> Clients and Jobs tab, you can set ‘as required’, progress claim number for all newly created jobs by ticking the ‘Progress Claim Required’ checkbox.

Enable progress claim numbers on a case by case basis

Claim numbers for selected jobs

Go to Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients and Jobs >> click on the relevant job code to go to ‘Job Details’ page.

Click on the ‘Job Billing Details’ tab and tick the ‘Generate Progress Claim No’ check box.

Claim numbers for selected invoices

You can also manually add a claim number to any job invoice, including those jobs that don’t have ‘Generate Progress Claim No’ enabled. This can be done in ‘Invoice Management’.

Go To Invoices >> Load Invoices >> click on the relevant invoice number to go to ‘Invoice Management’. Here, you can enter a ‘Progress Claim No’ in the ‘Invoice Details’ section.  You can change the number at any time.

The progress claim number will appear in the invoice as below.

Progress Claim Numbers are generated as integers – 1,2,3 etc.

The Progress Claim numbers will increment automatically, starting at 1 with the first invoice created, after the ‘Generate Progress Claim No’ option is enabled for the job.

If you enter a Progress Claim Number for an invoice, and then subsequently enable the ‘Generate Progress Claim No’ option from ‘Job Billing Details’, then the claim numbers on future invoices will continue from the highest entered claim number for the job’s invoices. So, in the next invoice, the progress claim number will appear as below.

Special Invoice Numbers using Claims

Before invoicing, you can adjust the style of the invoice numbers for claims invoices to skip the next invoice number, and instead create invoice numbers as a combination of the Job Code & Progress Claim No. e.g. 20-10014-001, 20-10014-002, 20-10014-003 etc.

From Administration >> Settings >> Invoice Settings >> go to ‘Invoice number Settings’ in the ‘Invoice Settings’ section. Choose ‘Job Code & Progress Claim No’.

The progress claim number is added as a suffix. You can specify the suffix ‘Separator’ and add ‘Prog. Claim No Padding’ (total number of digits after adding zeroes before the claim number) if required.

The combination invoice number will appear in the invoice as below.

Please Note: This setting is best used, if all your Abtrac invoices are generated as claims. With this setting enabled, if an invoice is generated for a job without ‘Generate Progress Claim No’ enabled, then the invoice number will still be created using the Job Number and Separator, but the suffix will be left blank as shown below.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-10-14_tax-invoice-number-change-to-job-no-plus-progress-claim-no-suffix-blank.png

Abtrac KB# 2087

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