New Clients Between Dates Report

The New Clients Between Dates report gives a simple list of jobs (projects) created between two dates, optionally filtered and/or grouped by Client Owner.

How to generate the New Clients Between Dates Report

This report gives a list and a count of new clients within a selected date range.

Go to Reports >> Performance Reports >> Clients and Jobs section >> click on ‘New Clients Between Dates’ and select the required from & to dates. Then click on ‘Report Options’ to view.

This report can be optionally filtered and/or grouped by Client Owner as below, by ticking the ‘Group By’ box for the Client Owner, or by choosing a single Owner.

Understanding the Data

This report contains information on the job Create Date & Client Name in its basic form while the Client Owner is added in the grouped report.

This information is drawn from the client Details for page.

From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search Clients and Jobs >> click on any ‘Contact Name’ (client name) to view the client Details for page.

Abtrac KB# 2134

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