Lock Dates (Locking timesheets)

Locking timesheets and invoices

In Abtrac you can set a date in Administration >> Settings >> System Settings >> Miscellaneous Configuration to prevent any entries in your database being entered before this date.

Choose a date and save the record.

This locks all timesheets and also invoices, so nothing can be entered or edited with a date equal to or less than the lock date.

Businesses would do this after closing off the last month end, or last quarter for example.

Any user with access to System Settings is able to adjust the lock date.

It’s recommended when using this feature to create two admin user groups one with full access to System Settings and one without.

Locking vs Committing

Any user with the System Privilege setting to uncommit a timesheet can go back and edit time (provided it has not been assigned to an invoice, or uploaded to payroll).

For this reason we recommend using the lock dates feature in combination with commit options in user group privileges.

Abtrac # 2010

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