Invoices by Client Report

The Invoices by Client Report gives a list of clients and their invoices between selected dates. In this report, the value of time & cost is shown based on charge rate.

This report is a useful one for managers to compare the invoiced amount and the value of time & cost for the invoice.

How to generate the Invoices by Client Report

Go to Reports >> Performance Reports >> go to ‘Invoicing’ section beneath ‘Sub-Consultants’ >> click on ‘Invoices by Client’ and select the required date range.

You can also optionally filter and/group this report by Invoice Office, Client, Job, Client Owner and Job Owner.

Now click on the ‘Report Options’ button and select one of the preview options to see a preview of ‘Invoices by Client’ report.

Understanding the Data

The Invoices by Client report shows the following information –

  • Client Name
  • Client Code
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoiced Amount
  • Total Value of Time and Cost $
  • Job Code and
  • Value of Time and Cost $

The Invoice No, Invoice Date, Invoiced Amount and Job Code for this report comes from Invoices >> Load Invoices page.

From Invoices >> Load Invoices >> click on the required invoice number to go into Invoice Management page >> click on the Report Options button on the top of the page >> select Assigned Time and Disbs from the dropdown menu to go into Assigned Time and Disbursements of Invoice page.

The ‘Total Value of Time and Cost $’ for this report comes from the ‘Charge Extension’ header in this page.

Abtrac KB# 2145

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