Current Jobs and Tasks Report

The Jobs and Tasks report gives a list of jobs with associated tasks, estimated time and fees.

Formerly only available for current jobs, you can now filter by date, current/non-current jobs, and also billable/non-billable.

How to generate the Current Jobs and Tasks Report

Go to Reports >> Performance Reports >> Clients and Jobs >> click on Current Jobs and Tasks and select the filter and/or group options.

You can also optionally filter the report by Job Office & Job Team and filter/group by Job Owner. Learn more here – Job Office, Job Team, Job Owner

Click on ‘Report Options’ and select any of the preview options.

The ‘Choose Additional Report Options’ box appears. Here, you have the option of choosing current/non-current jobs, billable/nonbillable jobs and jobs between selected dates to be listed in the report.

Now click on the ‘print preview’ button to preview a list of the selected jobs and associated tasks.

Understanding the data

The Current Jobs and Tasks report shows the following information-

  • Job Code
  • Description
  • Fixed Fee
  • Task
  • Task Start Date
  • Est. Time and
  • Est. Fee

The client code and client name for this report comes from the ‘Client Details’ tab in the Details for client page.

The ‘Job Code’ and ‘Description’ for this report comes from the Job Details tab in this page.

The ‘Fixed Fee’ comes from the Job Billing Details tab.

Note: You can also build up the fee from the Tasks page and get it updated in the Job Billing Details page. To learn more about this, click here – Creating and Managing Tasks aka Stages/Phases.

The ‘Task’, ‘Task Start Date’, ‘Est. Time’ and ‘Est. Fee’ comes from the Tasks tab in Job Details page.

Abtrac KB# 2136

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