Invoice Listing Report

The invoice listing report shows: invoice date, project code, name on invoice, the assigned time and cost, write on/off amount, billed total (ex tax), and incl tax amounts – for each invoice number.

The report is run between two dates and will sorted by either name on invoice or by project code. You can also choose whether the time and cost data displays as either charge or cost rates. It optionally filters invoices by office, client, project, and project owners.

The invoice listing report is one of the staple reports of Abtrac, used throughout billing and in month end reporting.

Unlike a basic sales or invoice report from your accounting software it shows time and cost assigned – giving you a more accurate representation of whether you need to worry about profit leakage.

Of course its limitation is that it only shows time and cost that has been assigned and/or recovered to the invoices listed. If your office also creates write off invoices it will show a more complete picture.

And for true revenue analysis after the fact it’s often handy to look at the Invoice Listing Report in conjunction with unbilled work, write offs and profitability reports to get a complete picture.


Invoice Listing Filters - AbtracOnLine

Invoice Listing Filters – AbtracOnLine

Invoice Listing Report - AbtracOnLine

Invoice Listing Report – AbtracOnLine


(Many of these additional features in Abtrac5 will be included in AbtracOnLine in future releases)

Invoice Listing Filters - Abtrac5

Invoice Listing Filters – Abtrac5

Invoice Listing – Filter and Sorting

In Abtrac5 there are additional filter and sorting options including:

  • Sorting/ordering by Date and Invoice number
  • Excluding or Including Committed/Uncommitted invoices, Credit/Adjustment Notes, Write off/Zero value invoices
  • Grouping by invoices by Office or Department
  • The option to display the Project Reference rather than the Project Code
Invoice Listing Report - Abtrac5

Invoice Listing Report – Abtrac5

In Abtrac5 the invoice listing report has two additional columns:

  • Payment Date – which displays data from either System Management > Administrator > Unpaid Invoices, or from Debtor Management > Invoice and Payments if you have the Debtors Module.
  • Invoice Comments – showing the private notes from the Enter/Edit details screen

Abtrac KB# 2049