Glossary: Client People

This page briefly explains all the fields available on the Client People Page.

Every client can have many persons of interest. In Abtrac, these are managed in the Client People screen.

You can search people from Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Search People.

Most of the fields here should be self-explanatory but below are some further explanations.

First Name: The First name of the person

Last Name: The Last name of the person       

Title: Such as Mr, Dr, Miss etc

Role: The person’s role in the organisation

Phone: The person’s phone number

Mobile: The person’s mobile number

Email: The person’s email address

Address: This is the address description for where the people belong to

Current: Indicates if this person is a person of interest. E.g. Do they still work at the organisation

Main Contact: The person who is the main contact for the client. The main contact will be the person shown in the Job template report.

Mail Merge:  Ticking the mail merge allows a user to be added to the list of people in the Contact Group Management screen. This screen is designed to get lists of people for emailing in groups. From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> Contact Group Management.

Accounts Contact: Is this the person who is the accounts contact for the client

Comments: Any comments associated with the person. I.e. “This person replaced Brian when Brian was on leave”.

Contact Groups: What contact groups does this person belong to? This can be used for exporting groups of people from different organisations. An example of use for this would be for Christmas Cards

Abtrac KB# 2177

Search People/ Client Contact

Abtrac client contacts search screen is the first point of call to quickly look up details about any client, contact, or person.

Once logged in you can click the following link to see the page, or go to Clients, Contacts & Jobs then Search People.

Use this screen as your contact management, phone book, or even your mailing list.

You can search most fields related to a client person.

Search People Resonsive Screen

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