Job/Project Documents

The Abtrac document manager is where Abtrac can keep a reference to the documents associated with any Job/Project and where these documents are stored on your local machine/server.

The installation of this will allow you to easily manage and access these documents from within Abtrac and the Job/Project itself.

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Non-Chargeable work – tracking administration and leave as projects

When you set up Abtrac we recommend you create a non-billable client for your own company.
For this client enter all the administrative and leave jobs that your staff may use, and any projects that you’d like to track time against.

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Fee Proposal Letters (Letters of Engagement)

When creating proposals or letters of engagement you can use Abtrac to populate your letter details. Including outlining your budget, and breaking down the project into tasks (or stages). These fee estimates and other Client and Job details can then be mail merged to a template document and sent to the client.

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