Getting Started with Abtrac

From 2014 we will be running two versions of Abtrac – these two versions have mostly the same content but are developed in different technologies.

KB1000_CloudDesktop That’s because here at Abtrac we understand that no two businesses are the same, so we have given you the flexibility to choose between our 32 and 64 bit Windows desktop version or the Cloud-based solution.
AbtracOnLine in the cloud
Log in from your mobile device or desktop and run Abtrac online anytime with the cloud version.
Abtrac 5 on Windows and LAN
If you’re not cloud ready, run Abtrac entirely on your Windows network in a classical client / server configuration.
Once you’ve chosen your Abtrac Version here’s what happens next…


Abtrac 5


Being desktop based there are a few more technical hardware and software requirements for setting up Abtrac 5. Because it’s cloud AbtracOnLine is ready to go now. All you need is a contemporary device with access to the internet.
It’s worth taking the time to read through our roll out plan or talking with one of the support team to ensure there are no delays once you’ve made the decision to go live with Abtrac 5. (Although if we were being fussy our geeks do recommend you run Abtrac 6 in Google Chrome- it’s the fastest browser available – and you may as well use the best, right?)
Getting Started: Roll out plan and timing Quick Start: Administrators
Quick Start: Users
Licensing Licensing
Technical Specifications  Cloud Data Security
Minimum Requirements
Desktop Installation
Invoice Modification Invoice Modification
Accounting Upload Accounting Upload

Abtrac KB# 1000

Remote Desktop Users (Terminal Services)

To run Abtrac using terminal services each user will need the application files copied to their own individual folder.

Each user cannot use the standard Abtrac Quick Starter installation which installs files to C:Program FilesAbtrac. This would result in the sharing of one application file, and the potential for data to be lost after entry when another user opens the same application. This has happened!

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Server Specific Requirements

Here we have included notes on the requirements for an Abtrac server installation.

The Abtrac development team aren’t server setup specialists but we do work with a large number of IT professionals installing and configuring Abtrac for client sites. We’ve also canvassed some of the IT professionals with whom we work and included some suggestions we’ve received to ensure Abtrac runs as smoothly as possible.

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