How emails are sent with AbtracOnLine

AbtracOnLine allows users to generate invoices and email them directly to their clients.

AbtracOnLine also lets you choose the method by which your emails are sent.

It is important to us that your invoice management and delivery with AbtracOnLine remains reliable, even as the global email environment changes. Mail Servers and email ISPs now have more rigid practices to try and shield their users from spam, and we have adapted Abtrac to ensure your mail isn’t incorrectly bounced or blocked.

Read on for details about :

  • How invoices are emailed from Abtrac
  • How to track whether your email has been successfully received, and
  • What our plans are, for emailing invoices in the future

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Email Accounts Rendered

In the Debtor Management module for Abtrac5 you can bulk email accounts rendered by client. Follow the steps below to send batches of outstanding accounts using Microsoft Outlook :

  1. Set the Group Account Rendered to ‘Client’.
  2. Set the Print Option to ‘Email’.
  3. Click on the Account Rendered link.
Abtrac 5 -Email Account Rendered Settings

Abtrac 5 -Email Account Rendered Settings

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