We link with MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks, Reckon, Sage, Moneyworks, Oracle and more.

We’ve been doing this for years.

But in the support team we still get asked “Do you link with Xero? Could we upload invoices to my old version of MYOB? Are my Sage accounts compatible with Abtrac?”

The answer is (almost always) YES

You can create your invoices in Abtrac – and have the same invoices uploaded to your accounting package with no double entry, no delay, no dramas.

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On the road with MYOB

We’ve been part of the MYOB developer program for a little while now and the MYOB Debtor Upload is one of our most popular Abtrac add-ons. We did our first MYOB interface in the 1990s!

Like MYOB we’ve recently launched our cloud version and like MYOB we’ve chosen to continue selling/developing and supporting our offline/desktop version too. So now we have two current versions of Abtrac – Versions 5 and 6.

When the opportunity came up to hit the road as part of the MYOB2014 Roadshow and Partner Program we thought it was great timing to get out there and connect with our partners in the software and accounting professions. We wanted to get a feel from our accounting colleagues ‘out in the field’ – how businesses are responding to the technology changes in 2014 and hear what their clients want most from their business management tools in future.

Of course we are always happy to hear your thoughts on technology and tools for the future of Abtrac and encourage you to contact us. But sometimes it’s good to hear the view of the un-converted masses too 🙂

Last month was the last event of the 2014 circuit so we thought we’d share a wee snapshot of six months on the road with MYOB. Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Gold Coast.

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Disbursement Types

Disbursements are categorised and reported on in Abtrac by disbursement type.

From Administration >> Maintenance >> Disbursement, you can maintain a list of disbursement types and groups, and define the system settings for tax, reporting and employee reimbursements.

In this disbursement maintenance screen, there are a number of settings to choose from, details on each of the options are described below:

Name  The name of the disbursement.
Current If the disbursement is current or not.
Default Unit Charge* The default unit charge rate to the client.
Default Rate Includes Tax This determines the cost/charge rate extension. A disbursement can be entered as inclusive or exclusive of tax. Reports in Abtrac show all dollar values (time and cost) as amounts excluding sales tax. If ‘Includes GST’ has been ticked, the expense can be entered as it was incurred, which usually makes more sense for the person entering it. The value shown in reports will be based on the entered amount – less tax.
Default Unit Cost* The default unit cost rate to your company.
Disbursement Group This is really just for internal use, only the Disbursement Types report from this screen includes Disbursement Groups.
Employee Disbursement This determines whether this disbursement type is available in the Employee Disbursement entry screen.
Assign GL Codes This is used with the Abtrac Debtor Upload – which links your invoices to your accounts package: MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks etc.If you have a multiple invoice line upload, and you generate invoices automatically then you might find it useful to include the expenses code from your accounting system for your disbursement types. This will then export any disbursement lines to an expense code, rather than the default revenue code.
Adjustment In Abtrac, you can apply a margin to disbursements. The mark up percentage applied can be based on the disbursement type. More on this can be found in the article https://support.abtrac.com/2020/12/14/adding-a-percentage-margin-to-disbursements/
Employee Reimbursement Rule The options for reimbursement reports are: Cost, Charge, and the Amount as Entered.
Employee Reimbursement Add GST This ensures the employee is reimbursed the GST inclusive amount
Auto-Add This enables a pop-up to auto-add a disbursement when a  new job is created. Ticking this box reminds you to add the expenses incurred when creating a new job.


*For disbursement types where the rates are unknown
Within the disbursement entry screens, you can adjust the default rate (value) which will also update the charge extension. However the cost rate is fixed and not editable from this screen.


For disbursement types where the rates are unknown and can vary (such as flight travel) we recommend entering the default and charge rates as 1.00, and setting the employee reimbursement rate as ‘Amount as entered’. This will ensure your numbers in reports and reimbursement forms remain accurate.

From System Management > Administrator> Disbursement Types you can maintain a list of disbursement categories and define system settings for tax, reporting and employee reimbursements.

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Accounting Package Integration

This page has been updated and can be found here

The Abtrac Debtor Upload is an optional additional module which allows you to export invoice details directly to your accounting system.

Abtrac currently exports to MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, Moneyworks, Sage, Arrow, Reckon and Oracle.

Each debtor upload may take some consulting time to integrate. Particularly as different versions, releases and product suites of each accounting software package vary slightly.

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Abtrac5 Licensing and additional costs

This article details licensing for the standard Abtrac desktop system and all the optional Abtrac modules; including Abtrac accounting system integration, the debtor module, and the online timesheet entry only application.

If you have any queries about your current licensing – or are interested in any of Abtrac’s optional modules please give us a call.

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