The benefits to our clients who move to AbtracOnline

Use it anywhere

AbtracOnline can be used anywhere you have an internet connection.

If you have people working on-site, in different offices, or working from home they can all access Abtrac without needing to connect to your local network via VPN.

Greater connectivity to Accounting packages, 12d and others

With API connections available from MYOB, Xero, 12d Synergy and others you can easily sync your information from Abtrac with these other packages.

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Abtrac Version 5 and Version 6

From 2014 we will be running two versions of Abtrac.

Abtrac Version 5 is most likely what you now have, the data base is installed on your office server. Abtrac Version 6 is new, it’s the cloud version.

Please note. You have a choice between cloud and what you now have. Only choose cloud when you understand it and want to change to it. Keep using Abtrac as you know it until then.

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Abtrac Version 6 is here

To all our valued clients

We are pleased to formally announce that we now have a Cloud based version of Abtrac – Version 6. It is on line and looking good.

To run Abtrac V6 you don’t need a Windows server, nor even a PC. Abtrac V6 will run on anything, from anywhere, as long as it has a web browser and an internet connection.

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