Adding Jobs/Projects to your Abtrac Trial

To add a Job/Project to your Abtrac trial, you need to add a client or contact first.

Adding a Client or Contact

From Clients, Contacts & Jobs >> select Add Client or Contact.

You can choose to add just the contact name & save, and add the other details later.

The ‘System Code’ and ‘Creation Date’ are auto generated.

‘Details for’ page – click to enlarge

Fill in any other required fields and click on the ‘Save Contact Details’ button to save the contact.

‘Details for’ page – click to enlarge

Adding a Job to a Client

Jobs and Projects must belong to a Client(Contact) in Abtrac. From the ‘Contact Details’ page >> click on the Jobs tab >> then click on the ‘Add Job for this Contact’ button.

Add Jobs for contact – click to enlarge

This takes you to the ‘Job Details’ page.

‘Job Details’ page – click to enlarge

The Job Code is auto-generated based on rules determined from system settings.

Enter a Job Description and Click on the ‘Save Job Details’ button to save.

‘Job Details’ page – click to enlarge

The ‘Job Details’ page will be updated with the Job description as above.

You can fill in the other details as and when required.

Abtrac KB# 2172