Chrome Update Version 57.0.2987

Issue Logged: 27/03/2017 08:47 NZDT
It’s come to our attention that the latest Google Chrome update released Friday 25th March is causing issues with some data entry screens in AbtracOnLine, including timesheets.

If you have already updated to Chrome Version 57 then we would ask you temporarily to run AbtracOnLine using Firefox or Internet Explorer (preferably Microsoft Edge if you are using Windows10).

AbtracOnLine is not the only site affected by these changes and we are working both in house and waiting for further updates from Google and our database partners to resolve these issues.

We will add updates to the status of this issue both in this post, and through notifications within AbtracOnLine.

We appreciate your understanding as we work with others to provide a prompt resolution.

Progress Update: 24/04/2017 06:55 NZDT

Abtrac Version V6.04.17.4758 was published on April 21st and has resolved issues users were experiencing when running Abtrac with Google Chrome v57.

On April 20th Google Chrome also announced an updated version (Chrome 58.0.3029.81) which will roll out to all desktops in the coming weeks. It is purported to contain a fix for the .asp call back problems introduced four weeks ago. The wider development community are currently continuing testing of this new version, including our component providers at DevExpress.

Although Google have announced a solution we’ve released an updated version as planned.

We have appreciated your patience and understanding dealing with this unexpected issue over the past month.

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