Auto Generate Invoice – Fee total with narration

In AbtracOnLine you can create invoices automatically from your project task and timesheet data.

The Auto Generate by Fee total with narration option creates an invoice with a pre-filled narration paragraph and then inserts the total time fee onto a single line. You can choose to itemise disbursements, or exclude them from the automatically generated invoice.

Invoice by Fee total with narration invoices look like the examples below.

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Abtrac Notifications

From time to time we send important information regarding Abtrac to all users via internal notifications.

AbtracNotificationsWhen there is a new notification you will see a red alert next to your login name, which will remain until the message has been read (or the message has expired).

This is also where you will be alerted to any unsent mail or email issues when sending invoices via email from Abtrac.

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Transfer Projects

In Abtrac you can transfer a project from one client to another using the project transfer function.

This feature is most commonly used where:

  • a project has been assigned to an incorrect or duplicate client
  • or where a project managed via a referral/intermediary client can now be managed directly.

It is not possible to merge two projects/jobs belonging to the same client.

This article is for AbtracOnLine, follow this link for the Abtrac 5 version

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Printing invoices to letterhead

The invoices that are sent to your clients directly from AbtracOnLine can all be styled to suit your corporate image. A customised invoice layout design will include your company logo and styling on any invoice sent via email or printed from AbtracOnLine.

If on occasion you still wish to print and post your invoices using pre-printed stationery then you can choose to hide your company logo from your invoice header and footer.

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Chrome Update Version 57.0.2987

Issue Logged: 27/03/2017 08:47 NZDT
It’s come to our attention that the latest Google Chrome update released Friday 25th March is causing issues with some data entry screens in AbtracOnLine, including timesheets.

If you have already updated to Chrome Version 57 then we would ask you temporarily to run AbtracOnLine using Firefox or Internet Explorer (preferably Microsoft Edge if you are using Windows10).

AbtracOnLine is not the only site affected by these changes and we are working both in house and waiting for further updates from Google and our database partners to resolve these issues.

We will add updates to the status of this issue both in this post, and through notifications within AbtracOnLine.

We appreciate your understanding as we work with others to provide a prompt resolution.

Progress Update: 24/04/2017 06:55 NZDT

Abtrac Version V6.04.17.4758 was published on April 21st and has resolved issues users were experiencing when running Abtrac with Google Chrome v57.

On April 20th Google Chrome also announced an updated version (Chrome 58.0.3029.81) which will roll out to all desktops in the coming weeks. It is purported to contain a fix for the .asp call back problems introduced four weeks ago. The wider development community are currently continuing testing of this new version, including our component providers at DevExpress.

Although Google have announced a solution we’ve released an updated version as planned.

We have appreciated your patience and understanding dealing with this unexpected issue over the past month.

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Invoice Terms: Attachment Documents

Throughout Australasia it is a requirement where the work is part of a construction claim to include a reference to  the claim or to the specific payment terms of your invoices.

In NZ the legislation includes the Construction Contracts act, and in Australia there are the various Security of payments acts which govern progress claims.

You can upload a default document from the Administration pages  within Abtrac to ensure these payment claim terms attach to every invoice sent from AbtracOnLine.

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Using the Accounts link, how to create invoice export batches

If you haven’t used the accounts link before you might need to check or configure your invoice and accounts settings.

You can add and configure interfaces yourself to the following Accounting packages:

The Abtrac support team will assist you to configure the link between other popular packages; including MYOB AccountRight Classic (v19 or earlier), QuickBooks, Quickbooks OnLine, Reckon Accounts, Reckon One, and Sage.

Once you’ve configured your accounting interface settings the link from Abtrac to your accounts link is ready to use.

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Thank you for your support this year


Seasons Greetings 
From The Abtrac Support Team

We wish you and your staff
a safe and restful holiday and all the best for 2017

Our office will close from mid morning Thursday 22nd December.
We will open again Monday 9th January.